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Week 112 – Marriage, Mosquitoes And A Wet Gremlin.

We’ve had a writer this week who has given me permission to divulge.

Our very own Kathryn Lord is actually the wife of Andrew Miller. So I’ve outed them. I had to check with them due to our strict confidentiality process. I think it’s amazing that we’ve actually got two authors from the same household. Well, maybe it isn’t the same household?!? I’ve always thought that the reason me and Gwen have been together so long is mainly because we’ve seldom been in the same house at the same time. I don’t mean we’ve had two houses, it’s just that our work has kept us apart for many glorious hours. Sorry, I mean, when we’re together, it made those hours all the more glorious.

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Week 101 – Darts, Dalmatians And Type ‘A’ Personalities

Well last Saturday we reached the hundred week mark. We have to thank everyone who read or commented or both, that is what the site is all about. We have also had over one hundred thousand hits on site! This is brilliant and we only wish that those who hit were either sending us in stories or commenting! Well maybe not, there are only five of us, but we would love the chance to be overwhelmed!!

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Literally Stories Week 31


Another week of fantastic stories from some old faces and a new one in JB Mulligan.

Welcome JB.

It’s not always easy to find a common thread linking five stories together. This week has seen us travelling through several continents. Graveyards, hospitals, tattoo parlours, lost in the woods. We even found time to go to the pub.

Five very different stories from five very different writers.

And the common thread? High quality writing.

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Literally Stories Week 11

DSC_0592I knew we built this ark for a reason. With our ark we managed to avoid drowning in the flood of stories, but don’t get me wrong. We live in an ark, in the middle of the desert in need of floods. Keep flooding us with stories and it will be smooth sailing for Literally Stories. Who is our Noah? Adam of course. Me? I am just a barnacle at the bottom of our ship, slowing us down.

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