Week 101 – Darts, Dalmatians And Type ‘A’ Personalities

Well last Saturday we reached the hundred week mark. We have to thank everyone who read or commented or both, that is what the site is all about. We have also had over one hundred thousand hits on site! This is brilliant and we only wish that those who hit were either sending us in stories or commenting! Well maybe not, there are only five of us, but we would love the chance to be overwhelmed!!

I had to think on long and hard what to say this week. What piece of wisdom, advice or insightful pish could I come up with? I couldn’t really think of any so I fell back on an old favourite; what I did on my holidays. That didn’t work as I went to Maybole. This was where my family came from and I am still paying a therapist due to this! So…My inspiration is to do with this weeks posting which is the number 101!!

I refuse to go down the Dalmatian route. I love dogs but Dalmatians are far too needy, mental or needy and mental. They are like cow Boxers on prozac and speed with issues.

This number means two things to me. First is, when playing darts, treble seventeen and bull is the coolest way to finish from 101. This was my favourite finish. I was successful in missing every-time! I am honking at darts.

The other thing is Room 101 and it is ironic that I would have put 1984 into Room 101. I would add another four things in there as well as my usual hate list, which is quite extensive and there have been examples throughout all the previous Saturday postings.

The first would be Irish lap dancing, that was a phase here in Britain for a few years but it was a bit hit or miss, squashed testicles only appeal to your more masochistic pervert.

Secondly we have Christmas films. I don’t care what anyone says, ninety percent of them are romance films with snow and jingle bells. The other ten percent are actually rip offs of some sort of inane horror story where something that should be dead is saved.

Thirdly, this may be a bit of a crowd splitter, but I hate ice in my drink. I need to thank the comedienne Frank Skinner from who I heard this observation on those icy cubes. They have no place in your booze. They are speed bumps for alcoholics.

And lastly, I have just learned this. I heard some couple being interviewed refer to themselves as ‘Two Type ‘A” Personalities’. This completely annoyed me as I could only guess using my perception on them as people to what the ‘A’ stood for. I looked it up and then realised my guess was fairly close.

I reckon I could think on 101 ways to kill them slowly!!

OK enough of this nonsense, on to the sensible part of this posting and that is the continuing brilliance of our stories.

This week we only had one new person, the others have all been here before and we are all the better for that.

Our topics include a fledgling band, a true life sentence, being locked in, some fishing and a religious difference / tolerance.

Our initial comments follow as usual.

Monday was first as it normally is. (I think every day should take a turn!) James Hanna had another wonderfully titled story with ‘Cheating The Jail Out Of Time.’

‘This story rattled along nicely especially the dialogue sections.’

‘You know the dialogue and situations are real to life.’

‘James has some style to his work.’

On Tuesday we had the total gentleman that is Mr Mitchell Toews. His story ‘South of Oromocto Depths‘ was next up.

‘I was enthralled!’

‘This is very descriptive writing.’

‘Getting to the end of a story is all about the journey, and I enjoyed this journey.’

We had a returning author on Wednesday. This was Alan Gerstle’s second outing. He gave us a very poignant piece of story telling with ‘Catholics

‘The story points to assumptions due to each others perceptions on one and another.’

‘A well written slice of life.’

‘I enjoyed the interaction between the boys.’

Same for Thursday when Wylie Strout returned and was next up with her short story ‘Chapter One: Sid.’

‘This was very believable and moving.’

‘Wylie has emphasised all types of limitations and us locking ourself in.’

‘This is clever and puts a wee bit of dread into you.’

Yaay!! Our new author finished off the week. We welcome Paul Brazil with his very quirky story, ‘Band On The Run‘. Please keep them coming Paul!

‘I enjoyed the references and the bands naivety was very well done.’

‘This had a bit of added charm.’

‘The separation of text to move the story along is done very well.’

That’s it then folks, another week done and dusted!

Jesus I’ll need to think on the number 102 as it is shit!!

Maybe something exciting will happen. I can’t finish this train of thought without me getting into a helluva lot of trouble. Exciting to me, may be a tad harrowing to…Oops, I’ve said too much!!

Ach come on, you are all writers, fill in the blanks!!!

So here is to next week, it will be another cracker, we know, cause we’ve already seen the stories!!


Banner Image: Pixabay.com

4 thoughts on “Week 101 – Darts, Dalmatians And Type ‘A’ Personalities

  1. Zounds! I went to post a comment and the white box opened into infinity! I forgot what I had to say, except it involved a spotted dog I know named “Stripe” and beer, Anyway, I think I may be getting paranoid and needy from the influx of new talent–I mean overjoyed and weepy, of course. Good recap. I’ve got to go before I’m trapped in this never-ending comment box forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Leila,
      There is nothing worse than a never ending box or better than never-ending Jack!
      As always, thanks for your comments and making me smile.


  2. Thanks for another fun read, Hugh. I was going to call today Sunday so that week 102 would start on Tuesday, but then I wouldn’t know what to do with next Saturday…or would that be Sunday? Too confusing!


    • Cheers David!
      I easily confuse. I still can’t work out how fifty two weeks at seven days a week equals three hundred and sixty five. Maybe that is the Sunday or Saturday you were considering!
      Thanks for your time, comments and support!
      All the very best my friend.


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