Simple Pleasures by Fred Vogel

Muffy had a feeling her relationship with her boyfriend was on rocky ground when he professed he loved her with most of his heart.

“Come on now, darlin’. I gotta keep a little of myself in reserve. Who knows when the next Dolly Parton might show up looking for a guy like me? There’s not a single red-blooded American man worth his salt who wouldn’t want a piece of that action.”

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Trigger by Doug Hawley

I’m out target shooting in the country when I hear the gravel crunch and somebody yells “Hey asshole, what are you doing?”  Without thinking, I turn and shoot him.  Well, shit, nobody should sneak up on somebody and scare him like that.  Before, I can check him out; somebody comes running up with a handgun and screams “You shot my brother.”  I turn around and shoot him too.  Him carrying the handgun, I figure it is self defense.  The first guy was sort of an accident.

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