The Book Bus

One in six adults around the world have come through childhood unable to read and write, a situation mainly due to lack of books and opportunity to read. In response to this shocking situation, the Book Bus was founded by publisher Tom Maschler with the aim of supplying books and making them accessible to children.

In 2008 the Book Bus began delivering books to schools in Zambia and working with children to inspire them to read. Five years on and they have opened reading schemes in Zambia, Malawi, and Ecuador where over 10,000 children now have books that are relevant and accessible to read. The Book Bus have continued their reading schemes throughout 2015 with the aim of reaching a further 10,000 children by 2016.

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The Book Bus began working in Zambia in 2008 with volunteer visits to five schools in Lusaka. Their reading scheme now reaches schools in Livingstone, South Luangwa and Meheba UNHCR Refugee Settlement.


The Book Bus has been working in Malawi since 2010. They are based near Blantyre in the south and work with a cluster of 10 rural schools in the area. They also run reading workshops with schools at Lake Malawi in conjunction with the Lake of Stars Festival.
The Book Bus aims to improve child literacy rates in Africa, Asia and South America by providing children with books and the inspiration to read them.

The Book Bus is currently working to improve literacy rates at a community level in India, Zambia, Malawi and Ecuador. Their library work, book donations and assisted reading programme is helping strengthen the reading culture in schools resulting in a more confident reading population that is better equipped for the future.

Thanks to the support of their generous donors and enthusiastic volunteers the Book Bus has been able to make a real difference to many needy communities in Africa, Asia and South America.

Note that all proceeds from the sale of Literally Stories — The Anthology go directly to the Book Bus.

Please visit their website to discover how you can help them keep the Book Bus literacy campaign in motion:


Header image: By Post of Soviet Union [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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