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Cutthroat by Alex Sinclair


Murphy Conway was half Albert’s age and twice his size, but all Murphy had to do was look into the pieces of flint that were Albert’s eyes to know he could never take him, even if he did him dirty and started it from the side.

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Stretch by Anuradha Prasad

The leg swept in a wide arc, missing her face by a margin. Avni scooted further back, her eyes trained on the dancer who strode across the room and leaped twice, a leg stretched one way, a hand stretched the other way. She didn’t want to miss a thing. The dancer fell to the ground lightly, the body surrendering to the fall, to the pull of gravity. In its surrender, the body defied the will of earth.

Avni followed her mother and her friend out of the studio after the dance performance.

“Did you like it, dear?” Avni’s mother’s friend asked her.

“Yes, very much, aunty,” Avni said.

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Circles by Leila Allison

The pomp with the primered Ranchero dropped three stacks of jackrags in the alley behind Elmo’s Adult Books and rang the bell. This happened every other Saturday afternoon. Sometimes the pomp waited for old Elmo to waddle back, sometimes he’d drive off before the fat fuck unlocked the back door. It was one of the times the pomp drove off first. Tess stood lookout, and I dashed from our side of the alley, snatched a bundle, and got back under cover with seconds to spare. Then it was off to Fort Oxenfree, leaving Elmo a little poorer.

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Set in Stone by David Rudd

Reading about recent events in Bristol took me straight back to an incident that occurred some three years ago, when I underwent a crash course in consciousness raising. And, I should say, if you’re out there, Mark, please get in touch!

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 Sexual Healing by Adam Kluger

romantic fiction sexual healing

It wasn’t a lifetime but 37 years was a good stretch of time.

After a particularly vivid dream where the two spoke again finally, and connected intimately in the lobby of the apartment building he grew up in, Craig Bugowski woke up happy, and fished for his iPhone.

Karrie M. was on his list of Facebook friends.

She had accepted his FB invite two years prior.

Her birthday was a month ago. She was a Gemini.

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Literally Reruns – The Unforgotten by Tom Sheehan

Anyone who has been reading our stories for any amount of time must be aware of Mr Sheehan who has over one hundred published pieces with us. His cupboard is huge. Leila had a rootle around – This is what she said:

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Or I Could Be by CK Bern

The manicurist left lye out among the pedicure chairs, struggling to maintain the salon to her standards, but the We’re Open sign was only half true and gone were the days her window said No Walk-Ins. After a customer burned skin off both feet, she kept things hygienic and let the overall harmony of the salon decay. One afternoon, the bamboo chimes stirred, announcing the arrival of three women. Breasts so large, the first woman was on the verge of tipping forward. A second woman lumbered under an oily mane. A third burbled, lips swollen and barely moving like two dowels in the teak plate of her face.

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