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Bathroom Throne by Yashar Seyedbagheri


Dad locked my sister Nan and me in the bathroom when he had girlfriends over. This was always late at night, after his shift at Bavo’s Bar. He thought Mother would have taken us when she left. I was twelve and Nan fifteen.

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George and the Horse by Jazeen Hollings

Huddled in the dark, the three children shook at the sight of the black horse. It’s head, bashed in from madness, left a bloody smear along the splintered barn wall. It’s body was too still on the dusty floor. For Walter, the blond-haired boy of four, it was just a rigid, mountainous shadow. It frightened him to watch the beast, the devil and his illness finally take hold of the animal. The silence that followed that was unbearable, unclear. Walter felt that something was very wrong but his innocence would not allow him to understand the stillness of the mare. As his unease grew, consuming his little heart, he buried his head into his older sister’s arms for relief.

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The Truth Will Set You Free by Alex Sinclair

He couldn’t remember much, not even his own name, but what he could recall from the previous evenings jaunt with the ever elusive they, the them that had occupied his thoughts for as long as he could remember, came in silent camera flashes that appeared somewhere behind his eyes; the men in the masks and all the pretty butterflies floating in silent dances that tickled his face and arms.

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Right Honourable Friends by Thomas Howarth

Sir Walter Alistair Remington had a fantasy. It was no small thing; he would have to wait until parliament’s summer recess to fulfil it. In the meantime, he’d try to satiate himself with his usual habit.

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Literally Reruns – The World Leapers by Oliver Lavery

Reading this story seems to have puzzled and delighted Leila in equal measure. Good fiction can do that to a person – She left it by the bottom of the Dungeon steps along with a note saying she was off to split some skulls!!

n.b. the year she refers to here is the abomination that was 2020 – Leila keeps us well supplied with Reruns and at one per week we are often just a bit behind.

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Week 308 – Does Anyone Remember: Old Blind Jack Getting Carried Away By Dwarves? When A Competition Needed To Be Worked At? And Dr Who In A Skirt Before Dr Who Could Wear A Skirt?

Well it’s now Week 308!

I have no inspiration this week so I’ve decided to do something a wee bit different.

I was hoping that I could write some plaudits regarding John Higgins after some of the best snooker I’ve ever seen with his match against Ronnie O’Sullivan in the quarter final of ‘The Masters’ but he was beaten in the final by a twenty year old. (Fair play to Yan Bingtao though! That boy has some bottle!)

It is very writing relative as it is a total play on words. Not the snooker! The thing that is a wee bit different!

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A Hunger in the Depth by Patrick O’Connor

After the universe had expanded for eons and after the birth and death of uncountable galaxies, the last star burned dim. A creature stirred in this black void of space at the end of time, curling tightly around the star–taking the last vestiges of energy as its own.

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Pie Eyed Peety the PDQ Pilsner Pigeon by Leila Allison


I am a Pen Name, which means (unlike it is for “real” writers) there are little cracks in my mind that lead to places where strangely imagined circumstances are reality. Within one such crack turns a world exactly like our own except for one significant difference: On “Other Earth” the post WWII nuclear testing conducted by the US military out in the American southwest desert did result in the creation of  the gigantic ants, mammoth scorpions, huge tarantulas, scores of Godzilla-sized lizards and a smattering of profoundly effed-up human beings that we see only in 1950’s science fiction films. Among the traits these creatures have in common (besides experiencing the enlarging effects of extreme radiation) are an immunity to conventional weapons and insatiable appetites for murder and destruction.

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More Ice Cream by Yash Seyedbagheri

The night they announce the divorce, my older sister Nan takes me for ice cream. I’m fourteen, she’s seventeen.

Nan insists I get two scoops.  Mint-chocolate chip.

Nan has cookies-and-cream.

“Everything should be a little sweeter,” she says.

“I guess,” I say, hunched over the bowl. “You wonder what would happen if things were too sweet, right?”

Nan smiles, a smile as crumpled as a dollar bill. She has circles under her hazel eyes and I want to tell her something positive. I don’t know what.

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