Merry Christmas Charleston CLAWS by Leila Allison

You can touch Shax, but only by “appointment.” First you have to establish eye contact with the old tom and at the same time make a “scratchies” gesture with your index finger. If you correctly spy permission in his imperious gold eyes, then, and only then, may you apply a “scratchie” to the surprisingly short distance between his ears. Any failure to comply with this procedure will result in a personal math system based on the number nine.

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And There Was That by Adam Kluger

She pulled out the Nuclear option and tossed it on the table like the Ace of Spades.

Nothing to do but bluff.

He then called her back and said “Let’s not ruin three lives here. Stick to the current agreement. ”

“Ok, but you better make your payments every month. Get a job at Starbucks.”

“Yes. I will,” he replied not knowing exactly how he was going to do that.

And that was it.

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