November Moon by Sharon Frame Gay

The moon’s on its way to November, sailing a sullen sky.   I think the whole world breathed a sigh of relief tonight, when the major told us to find shelter, get some shut eye before tomorrow.  We’re too close to the enemy for camp fire, all of us hiding behind trees, and under bushes, keeping as quiet as smoke, settling into the dirt and leaves like animals on the prowl.

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Deceptive   by James Hanna

Those who say the truth will set you free have probably never been polygraphed. I had the experience in my early thirties during a campaign of self-renewal, leading inevitably to the West Coast. After spending a decade as a counselor at the Indiana Penal Farm, a provincial Midwest prison, I felt like a bastard at a family reunion. Was it because I built on my education instead of boozing with good ol’ boy guards? I had attended a nearby state university under a blind assumption: the patented belief that a master’s degree would open the door to promotions. Sadly, the reverse proved true. Organizations will stigmatize overachievers as surely as they flag the fuckups. (If you doubt this, watch any season of Survivor.) And so I was deemed overqualified when I faced the promotion boards. One of the inmates summed it up well when I told him I was leaving. “Sounds like a plan,” he said. “Do it soon. You don’t need to be hanging around Podunk, Indiana.”

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Legs by Amiel Rossin 

It was after the toilet scrubber was delivered that she saw them.  It was dark, save for the security lights, and Paula rarely went out at night to collect her online shopping deliveries.  But she’d been trying to find space for the cat tree, the Christmas ornaments, the sea salt, and the egg beaters.  And the attempted organization of her innumerable Internet purchases had left her so exhausted that she’d simply collapsed and fallen asleep for hours.  She’d considered waiting until the next day to open the front door and grab the package, but she’d seen a TV special on no-gooders who stole deliveries right from doorsteps, and she did not want to risk that the scrubber wouldn’t be there in the morning.

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Week 131 – Pride, Cathedrals And 100 % Proof Gin.

Hi folks, here we are at Week 131.

In the words of the legend that is Ed O’Neill as ‘Al Bundy’, ‘I just wish the world would curl up and die!!’

I have had a shit few days! My pride took a dent this week and that got me thinking.

Many Scottish people really do only have pride in being proud and it serves no purpose except to be very destructive when something chips away at it.

What I don’t understand is why I worry about pride when as a writer, my pride gets decimated with every refusal. I suppose when I think on it, it’s different. Once you have went through the first few rejections you need to realise that this is part of it, it is a process and nothing else.

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