Week 207 – The Blues, A Hangover Cure And Bedding The Elderly.

Well here we are at week 207.

It must be a good seven days since our last posting. (Or a pish seven days for those readers in Scotland.)

I was listening to some Blues when I began to write this and John Lee Hooker came on with ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’ and I just thought that this was in the wrong order. The Bourbon would argue with the Whisky and you would end up enjoying neither of these. The song should be ‘One Bourbon, One Beer, One Scotch’ that would be more tasteful.

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Week 205 – Christmas Break, Christmas Messages And Super Sex.

Here we are at Week 205.

Anyone who has read our previous posts at this time will know that we all write a wee message, so I’ll do the reviews and such-like first.

We had three new writers, one on his second story and me.

The topics included; Limited customers, a surprising film buff, a bridge, a soul-mate and medication.

As always our initial comments follow.

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