Week 169 – Romance, Realism And Spoiling The Moment

Hello there folks! Here we are at week 169.

I also see that we are close to 183 000 hits. C’moan guys, it will be brilliant to get to 200 000 as quick as possible. We could get there quicker if any of us had a kitten doing cute things or a fucking idiot singing ‘My Boy Lollipop’ at a graveside’ (Check it out on Facetube – It really does make me proud to be Scottish!

…Sarcasm is so under used these days!!!)

I think anyone who has read any of these posts will be aware that I don’t have much regard for romantic stories.

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Week 168 – Prompts, Tangents And Afterlife Black Pudding.

Here we are at week 168. How time flies!

I’ve been asked millions of times how we decide on stories. It followed a billion questions about me literally exaggerating.

It all comes down to us discussing and being as fair and open minded as we can. We focus and are professional to a fault.

But sometimes our thoughts go off on tangents and my fellow editors end up giving me an idea that becomes something else.

With that in mind, which is me really explaining to Nik and Diane why they have read some of this before, I can tell you that both of them and Easter gave me the idea for this post.

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Week 167 – Large Dongs, Wee Allegations And Big Black Choppers.

Here we go again folks, Week 167 is thrust upon us.

‘Thrust’ was my inspiration.

Over the last fortnight there has been a common theme between Scotland and America. (This is grasping at straws and not the straws that choke whales, these ones are anorexic and used as sex toys for thread worms straws.)

Weird that! I’ve mentioned thread worms in my last two posts. There is no attraction, honestly, it’s just went that way.

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Week 166 – PC – Nonsense, Bollocks And Pish – Warning Strong Language

This isn’t a great start when I state, please don’t take offence at what I’m going to say!

I’ve never really ripped into PC although I believe that most of it is nonsense. PC is too close to censorship for my liking and I do believe that if anyone corrects you from saying any well known phrase that’s gender specific into something like ‘Police-Person’, they should have to call the Police-Person and Ambulance People for assistance.

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Week 164 – Lots Of Words, Lots Of Stories And All Tom Sheehan

We had a cracking conversation, well type, over the last week or so and it was regarding drying up. Now I am not talking about ladies of a certain age. But when I think on it, since they most likely put up with gentlemen of a certain age, no wonder sandpaper can form where you would least expect it. That was nice of me for the ladies, so here’s a balance. *Being semi-erect when you see her is not a compliment if you were fully erect before…

…Couples of a certain age…Discuss!!!

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