Week 247 – Rotting Grandparents, We!r.d/Punctu,atio#n And Ironic Mobile Users.

Halloween was this week and we are spending more and more trying to scare kids.

You don’t need automated garden ornaments of monsters or copious amounts of fake blood to terrify them. You could just get hold of their ‘FaceshitTwitterpishInstabollocks’ contact list and un-friend them with a short message saying –

‘We’ve all seen the photo.’


Or whatever abbreviation is hip and happening that particular week.

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Week 243 – Greasy Pies, A Bloody Birdie And Hiding Tom Of Finland’s Toys.

Well here we are at Week 243.

I was watching The World Athletic Championships on Sunday.

Qatar doesn’t do spectator sport very well. The final of the Woman’s 100 meters was a brilliant race and it did your heart proud to watch the athletes perform to the best of their abilities. What didn’t make me happy was watching the winners do a lap of honour for around 27 people. At one point there were more people on the track than were watching. This was a travesty.

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