Week 114 – Acceptable Pyromania, Hairy Lollipops And A Fungal Infection.

I had a spare ten minutes at work and I thought that I’d give this post a go to see what I could come up with. It was such a productive ten minutes, I would have been as well working. Nothing! Zilch! Bugger All!!

For me, my job spoils everything. I like to eat but I won’t eat at work because I enjoy eating and I can’t enjoy anything whilst I’m there. I also love to read a paper. I know that this is a dying art. But you do still see some dinosaurs going into the newsagents of a morning, buying a paper and tucking it under their arm. I’m not sure if anyone under thirty even knows what a paper is. If it’s not their phone, it’s nothing!

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Week 95 – Nipples, Clowns And Balloons

typewriterEveryone of us has a favourite book and no-one else might agree and that is perfectly fine.
For pure perception on growing up, Stephen King’s ‘It’ was the only book I have read as an adult and it reminded me of being a child with a child’s logic. If memory serves me right, the book is around 1300 pages. All those words are a story around one simple idea:

‘For every adult who thinks up the legend of the vampire, there is a child who imagines the stake that can kill the vampire.’

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Week 93 – Winners, Losers And All Story Tellers


Hi folks, well here we are again. Week 93, who would have thought? Well, probably everyone who read week 92. So no surprise to a dozen or so!

This week I noticed a cracking piece of story telling. Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump were both exceptional. They tell stories, expect you to believe, you vote on those beliefs, they ignore their previous stories and continually tell you others. Then after two terms you hear more stories from someone different. It is a wonderful time of the year.

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Week 92 – Age, Health And Hardening Toenails

typewriterAnother week over and another one begins. Welcome to our round-up of Week 92.

As I sat down to write this I had no idea what I was going to say. I decided to have a look back at some of the Saturday Postings to see if I had an opening that I hadn’t explored. As I tried to get myself comfy I realised that there is more of me hurts than doesn’t. Between that and looking back to something, that not long ago, I would have remembered, made me think on getting older.

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