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Scrawleg and the Turban Man by Tom Sheehan

He tossed a noose of thin wire over the head of the jailer when the jailer leaned too close to the bars of the cell. Moments earlier he’d unwound the wire from the heel of his boot, pulled it taught at the jailer’s throat, demanded the key to the cell, got it, unlocked the door and brought the jailer into the cell. Pulling the wire tighter until the jailer was dead, he walked off into the night taking his own weapons with him.

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Literally Reruns – Pow Wow Travels by Darlene P Campos

I hope Leila remembers about trails of breadcrumbs. She is going deep into the darkness now and we don’t know what will happen if the canary is busy. She found a piece from 2015 and this is what she said:

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