Allison, Leila

Irene Allison  the alter ego !


The Amalgamated Union of Pennames and Imaginary Friends

The Crossed Star of Bethlehem

St Francis Everlasting

God’s Secret Name

The Bard of Oracle Park

Meanwhile Back at the UPIFFC

Seekers of the Wow Signal Emoji

Time and Chance Happeneth to All Gods

A Hundred-year-old Man

The Inescapable Touch of Sunset

Out in the Turkey Pen

A Journey begun in Lover’s Meeting

A Whistle for the Goatfooted Balloonman

It Varies From Fool to Fool 

In Through the WOW Signal Emoji 

Nor Help For Pain

The Long Second Chance

A Most Confidential Source

Legend Dipping

The Great Cszminoothe

A New Book of Numbers (Part I)

A New Book of Numbers (Part II)