Cron, Hugh

Hugh is from Ayr in Scotland. He is married and has worked in many places but for the last thirteen years has been working with the homeless. He has written for more years than he cares to remember. There are plenty of examples of his extensive back catalogue around the internet. Hugh has a dark outlook and his humour can be very black. Due to the nature of his work, he sees the unseen side of life that has inspired him. He doesn’t understand cute and cuddly. He is privileged to be part of this new site and is willing to help, advise and put in as much time as needed to inspire.


Dilemma – An Experiment

Hep C And A Lot Of Codeine


For The Best

Seven Days … A Bag Week

Suicide – My Note, My Plan



The Hobby



Reasons Don’t Matter


The Choice 


Shrodinger’s Choice

Toffee-Head Tom


Why Can’t She See The Difference

The Devil Went Down To Ayrshire

Pure Romance

Hugh in Conversation with Hugh

Forgotten Memories


Hugh in Conversation with Hugh – Adult content – very strong language – do not read if offended


He Stood and Stared

The Second Coming

Sonny Dodds – The Magical Years – Adult Content

Lisa’s Lips

United Forever

Only Business – Strong Adult Content

All About The Truth – Adult Content

An Easy Choice To Make – Adult Content

Phil’s Lament – Adult Content

Blood and Bigotry – Adult Content

Passed On

To Kill John Morgan

The 14th Step.

The Girl of My Best Friend



In Five Years Time