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Hugh is from Ayr in Scotland. He is married and has worked in many places but for the last thirteen years has been working with the homeless. He has written for more years than he cares to remember. There are plenty of examples of his extensive back catalogue around the internet. Hugh has a dark outlook and his humour can be very black. Due to the nature of his work, he sees the unseen side of life that has inspired him. He doesn’t understand cute and cuddly. He is privileged to be part of this new site and is willing to help, advise and put in as much time as needed to inspire.

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Sharing by Hugh Cron
Supply And Demand
A Bad Batch
Nature And Nurture – The Devil’s Mix
My Hero
Piranha – Adult Content
The Last Of My Friends
Laura – Strong Adult Content
Collars And Cuffs
Behind Closed Doors 
The Swans
Mannie The Moocher by Hugh Cron – Warning – Strong Language.
Impact – Adult Content.
White Is Best – Warning – Strong Adult Content.
Skye Jim McKay – Warning Adult Content.
Understanding John
The End Of The Night – Adult Content
Speak No Evil – Warning – Adult Content
Scenes From An Ayrshire Chip Shop – Adult Content
Soup – Adult Content. Strong Language.
Concealer – Warning – Adult Content.
A Lone Ranger -Warning-Adult Content
Joint Claim (A Modern Marriage) – Warning Adult Content.
Perfectly Split
The Eleventh Step
Daddy’s Girl – Warning Adult Content.
Gina And Gary – Warning Adult Content.
Hans  – Warning – Strong Language.
A Mother’s Love – Warning – Adult Content, Strong Language.
Where They Are
The Viaduct – Warning – Strong Language
Gary Glitter And The Camel Hair Coat by Hugh Cron Warning- Adult Content
The Ten Commandments – Warning – Adult Content
Different Times
The Odd Legend And Fuck All Else – Warning Adult Content
A Weekender – Warning Adult Content.
Friday Night – Warning – Very Strong Adult Content.
Julia’s End – Warning – Strong Adult Content Of A Sexual Nature
Never Being Confused – Warning – Strong Language.

Jim’s Aunt
Uncle Andy – Warning Adult Content