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Jim’s Aunts by Hugh Cron

I’ve always liked Gin.

Straight gin that is.

I know exactly where it started…My love for the gin.

I used to go to my mum’s boss’s house with my parents and I was allowed the odd can of beer. One night that we were there, his old aunties were visiting.

Weird they were.

They dressed in long skirts and tight shirts. They smelled of cloves. Jim asked me to pour them a drink and they both wanted gin. So I poured them the drink and had a sniff. I found the aroma to be very pleasant. I asked them what they wanted in it, my mum and dad took lemonade in their whisky but I didn’t want to be presumptuous so I thought it was only polite to ask. They giggled and said that it was fine the way that it was.

Their giggle was intoxicating. Their eyes twinkled. I felt strange. I was young but I knew enough to know what I was feeling. I looked at them and realised that my thoughts were more to do with the sound of their giggle although their appearance intrigued me and their bodies captivated.

I brought them their drinks and they both sipped at the same time.

They looked at me and their eyes twinkled. They thanked me for their drinks and told me that it was delicious.

Their voices were melodic.

I watched as they both lit a cigarette.

I brought them an ashtray and they thanked me once again.

For whatever reason, I opened up some peanuts and put them into two bowls. I sat them down beside the sisters and they began to nibble at them. They looked at me and smiled.

Their smile made me very happy.

They finished their drink and held out their glasses for a refill. I obliged. Over and over again, I obliged.

When I returned home that night I masturbated. As I fantasised about the sisters I could smell juniper and clove. That comforted me.

Every night for the last eight years I’ve thought of the sisters.

It’s time to visit.

I’ll take some gin.

Hugh Cron

12 thoughts on “Jim’s Aunts by Hugh Cron”

  1. I believe that whatever juniper driven romp Jim has (or hopes or imagines to have )with his aunts will be consistent with the line’s Family Values.
    I read this knowing that something was going to strike (almost wrote “come”), but wasn’t certain from where it would depart (almost wrote the little c-word again). It wound up and smacked me with a twinkle in its eye.


    1. Hi Leila,
      When I started to write this I thought there was a feeling of menace but that took a turn. The weird thing is when I look at it, I still get that feeling of menace. Maybe I had more in store for my character than the hope of a threesome.
      Thanks as always!


    1. Hi Dave,
      I totally understand what you say. If you see my comment to Leila, I had a niggling idea that there was more in this than was written. (If that makes sense.)
      Thanks as always my fine friend – Much appreciated.


    1. Hi Stefan,
      Thanks so much.
      At what age do you need to be that gerontophilia simply becomes being turned on by your own age group? I wonder if there is an amount of years between the attractor and the attracted??


  2. Eight years is a lot of fantasizing on the old Aunts… Gin and tonic is indeed associated with a certain ambiance, which the MC hopes to re experience. I like that he gave the sisters peanuts.


  3. Gerontophilia indeed, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but eight years of fantasy for the aged sisters and their old gal giggles, wow, he was much obsessed….perhaps something about the ambiance of gin without tonic. I must go and sniff some juniper and clove, its got me curious. I liked the bit about the peanuts. I’ve always been a peanuts guy.


    1. Hi Edward,
      Thanks so much for the comment.
      I love the way that memories can pop out of nowhere. Things that you haven’t thought of in years can invade your mind and put a smile on your face.


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