Disneyland by Hugh Cron – Adult Content


“We’re all going to Disneyland in the summer! That is six months from now! So I want you to mark each day off so we know how close it’s getting.”

The three children screamed with delight. They ran up to their bedrooms to look out some calendars and to chat and get excited as little children do.

She sat. Never said a word. Asking about how they were going to afford this was a bad idea.

He smiled at her.

“Well, you can tell everyone what I am doing for the kids. That’ll shut your mother up.”

She nodded, trying to hide the swallow that relieved the lump of dread in her throat.


The kids did as their dad had asked and marked off every day. They were at their most excitable at the weekends when they would sit around the living room and discuss the rides and what they wanted to see. He fuelled their enthusiasm by showing them brochures. He told them that everything was going to plan and he was now trying to get a deal on the flights. He had been telling everyone what a wonderful father he was and the kids drowned him with cuddles and kisses.

She began to think that he may have something up his sleeve. She didn’t ask. She considered that there would be no place on the plane for her.


The time went in slowly and finally the third of August arrived. It was the day before they were flying out. He came home from signing on.

“Well!! I hope you are all packed for Disneyland!”

The kids squealed with delight.

“Your mum will help you pack.”

She went upstairs with the kids and put what they were taking into two cases. She was surprised when he came into their own bedroom and looked out his clothes.

“Could you put mine with yours love. Watch we don’t go over the limit.”

She did as she was asked. They all went to bed early that night. He decided that he deserved sex. The next morning when she got out of bed she realised that the house was very quiet. She went downstairs and they were all sitting around the kitchen table.

He glowered at her.

“You really are a piece of work!”

“Wh…What have I done?”

“You know full well! How can we go to Disneyland when you have spent all the money! You’ll need to tell everyone that we are not going and you had better apologise to the children!”

He knocked his chair over as he stormed out.

She looked at the three little faces. They stared at her with tears magnifying their hate.

Hugh Cron

16 thoughts on “Disneyland by Hugh Cron – Adult Content

    • Thanks Diane, as I said to Nik, for anything I have written to stay with someone, especially folks like yourself, who read so much, means a helluva lot to me.
      Thanks for everything!!


    • Cheers Vic, yes that was another level that I was going for, the behind closed doors situation. It is an interesting thought on whether or not we would treat each other differently if we knew that someone could always find out?
      Always happy to hear from you.
      All the very best my friend.


  1. I hope you don’t mind me cursing but the MC is a real arsehole. ‘He decided he deserved sex’ and manipulative. Poor wife. Emotional! Well done.
    ATVB my friend


    • I think you were being restrained! I have written a lot of unsavoury characters and situations, but even for me, I think he wins the prize for the worst!
      Thanks Tobias, I am always thankful for your comments and support.
      All the very best my friend.


  2. Hi Hugh, this is certainly a story that rides the roller-coaster of family life and reveals a very sad side of human nature. Although it ends directly, it does indicate a typical example showing the meaning of emotional and psychological abuse.



    • I am always happy to read your take on my stories James. Thank you so much for your continual interest and comments.
      With you using the word ‘example’, I think it shows that we all realise that this is only one situation of many.
      All the very best my friend.


    • Thanks Des, I was very happy that this was accepted to be published. It has had a past life but unfortunately the subject matter is as relevant as ever.
      Thank you so much for your kind comments.
      All the very best my friend.


  3. This one has stayed with me from the first time I read it – and now after several reads it still causes me to sway between rage and tears. Quite a change of pace for you this one Hugh but it’s still an excellent read as always. Cheers, Nik


    • Cheers Nik, to get a reaction from a reader is all that we can ask for. For my story to stay with you, that is another compliment.
      Thanks for your continual support.
      All the very best my friend.


  4. This story had an extrememly powerful effect on me. It went straight to the heart of the core dynamics of abuse and its impact on the family. The malevolent games of the father, who used his three children to manipulate their mother, rang sadly true. The little detail of his attempts to rubbish the grandmother i.e. separate the family off from someone who might bring accurate observations and possibly some protection, into the situation was realistic too. An excellent story, thank you,


    • Hi Ceinwen, I can’t thank you enough for your insightful comments. I know that this is horrible subject matter but the sad fact is that there will be too many people who can relate to its content.
      Again, thank you so much!


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