For The Best by Hugh Cron – Adult content



Minutes of Meeting dated 05.11.13. 15.30pm

Those Present:

Jane McGuire – Unit Manager

Claire Green – Assistant Unit Manager

Andrew Reid – Nurse In Charge

Peter Welsh – Health Care Assistant

Mandy Fraser – Health Care Assistant

Jean Duncan – Clerical Assistant (Taking Minutes)


No previous business as this meeting has been specifically called by Management at Andrew Reid’s request:

To discuss issues between Joseph Campbell and Lisa Kerr both residents of The Happy Valley Nursing Home.


Jane McGuire outlined the reason that the meeting was called. She explained that Andrew Reid was concerned as there had been a report of a sexual act on Lisa Kerr by Joseph Campbell.

Peter Welsh asked, ‘What the fuck has happened now?’

Claire Green warned him about his language.

Andrew went onto explain Joseph was found stimulating Lisa orally.

Peter asked ‘Whit?’

At this point Mandy whispered into his ear. She was asked to repeat what she had said but she stated that she was too embarrassed.

Peter said that ‘It disnae matter. I get the picture. Just like the old boy.”

Claire Green warned him about inappropriate remarks.

Jane McGuire went onto explain about the issues relating to this. She voiced her concerns about the act itself and whether or not there was a health and hygiene issue. Mandy Fraser stated that shouldn’t have been a problem as they had both been bathed and powdered on the day in question. Jane McGuire told her that wasn’t what she meant. She also said that there would be major problems as the families of both the residents would have to be notified and as Joseph’s family were especially protective of him, she saw this as being a problem. Peter began to say something but was told to ‘Shut up’ by Andrew. Jane asked for thoughts and suggestions. Peter suggested condoms. Although Jane didn’t rule this out, she thought that this was sending out the wrong message. Peter asked what message they should be sending out. Jane asked Andrew to interject. Peter sniggered.

Andrew explained that both the residents suffered from dementia and were very forgetful.

“Not that forgetful” Peter interrupted.

Andrew continued stating that if one was seen to have a more severe case of dementia than the other, one could be classed as being abusive.

Mandy asked if it mattered who was doing what to whom?

There was no conversation as Management and Andrew looked through their notes. They all conferred and then Jane stated that it didn’t matter.

Peter disagreed. He thought that if you were the doer then you wanted to do no matter how mad you were. The getter was not as mad but was happy to get so both of them no matter how mad they were, were doing what they wanted.

Management all showed their disagreement to this by shaking their heads. Peter was again warned about inappropriate terminology.

I as minute taker didn’t catch Peter’s following remark.

Mandy stated that there was no way that staff could watch them all the time as staffing levels were always a problem. Jane advised Mandy that was not what they were here to discuss. She went onto explain that their levels were at Care Commission standard. She warned Mandy that this comment must never be mentioned to any family members of the residents.

Andrew stated that the best course of action for all concerned would be to move Joseph to the upper floor, removing him from all contact with Lisa.

Claire stated that this would appease the families.

Jane agreed and thanked everyone for their input.

Peter then said, “You haven’t even spoken to Lisa and Joe. Why don’t you leave the two old dears alone! They make each other happy. It is you lot that have got a hair up your arse. And as for the families, if they were that bothered about the old folks they wouldn’t have put them in here in the first place.”

Jane told Peter to see her in her office and concluded the meeting.


Hugh Cron


10 thoughts on “For The Best by Hugh Cron – Adult content

  1. Hi Hugh, clearly this is an awkward subject, but intended to be humorous, well the idea made me laugh. But on a serious note, why is it that people talk about old people as if they are children? James.


    • Hi James, your question has a serious point. Those who are working with the elderly are as guilty as the families when forgetting that they are dealing with an adult and not a child. Thanks so much for your continued interest in my stories.


  2. I really like the story, and the idea of later life love through dementia. The format was excellent. In presenting the story this way you were able to say so much more about the supporting players than traditional third person narration could ever say.


    • Thanks for that David. I was happy that the others wanted this published as I wasn’t really sure if its structure would have put the reader off.
      You have picked up on what I was trying to get across. Thanks so much for that.


  3. I wasn’t sure about the structure of this one when I first read it Hugh but it’s grown on me and my first instinct was incorrect. Another great example of using aspects of comedy to get a strong message across. Cheers, Nik


    • Hi Nik, I worried about the structure as well! I just wondered how much background I could put across with this type of writing. I am glad it worked for you.
      Thanks for your kind comments and continual support.


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