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The Choice by Hugh Cron – Adult Content


You’ll have to choose.

“Who said that?”

You did.

“No I didn’t.  Who is taking the piss?”

…Mirror, mirror on the wall…We all know the rest.  You said that.  Do you deny it?

“No.  I was only mucking about.  For fuck sake I was only having a shave.”

You should never muck about with your soul.  You are in trouble now!  You’ll have to choose.  One of three.  If you hurry you will be able to stay but if you don’t…Well…

“Well what!”

Well, you will die.

“What the fuck!  I mean fuck!!  Who the hell am I talking to?”

I’ve told you.  It’s sort of you.  Look in the mirror.  I mean you seem to enjoy that!  Your lips aren’t moving but your lips are moving.

“Fuck!  I have finally gone mad.  Too many drugs.  Tumour! What is fucking wrong with me?  My reflection is talking to me!”

Not your reflection.  You can look it as your soul talking.  Sort of.  Now hurry up and choose.  Correct answer and you stay.  Wrong answer and you come with me.  And I don’t think that you want to go there!

“But if you are my soul, don’t I always go with you?”

You would think. Your soul prepares the way.  There will be no preparation if you get this wrong.  You will be coming with me right now sunny Jim!  Now choose.

“In the name of fuck! Choose what?”

OK. I’ll make this quick as you seem to be a little slow.  You asked a question.  It was filled with arrogance.  Fate has been a little pissed off with that.  She is in a bad mood. So she has separated me and given the big man the nod.

“…The big man?”

Yes.  And yes he is who you think he is.  So long story short you need to choose what stays with you.  Get it right and no change there.  Get it wrong and you will have a new friend who will, shall we say, escort us from where you are to where we are going.

“So what have I to choose?”

I was getting to that!  There are three faces of us as beings.  We are who we perceive our self to be.  We are as others perceive us to be and we are who we actually are. Choose!

“…But don’t I need all three parts of me to be me?”


“If you are part of me can’t you help?”

No.  You are on your tod.  Now hurry up!

“…I suppose it would have to be myself as I perceive myself to be.  Other people might not know me and I might not like who I really am.”

You need to say I choose and then your answer.  So decide and say.

“I’m not sure.  Yes…I choose…No wait!  I can only be who I really am. I’ll go with that.  I choose myself as I actually am.”

About time! OK I need to go.

“Did I choose the right one?”

Well you are still there.  Cheerio…For now!


Hugh Cron


10 thoughts on “The Choice by Hugh Cron – Adult Content”

  1. Always fascinating to read your stories, out of the LS authors I have read I think your stories are probably the most consistently thought-provoking. Kudos!
    ATVB my friend


    1. Thanks Tobias, as I have already commented, this was a bit different from my usual. But I still tried to have the readers question more about themselves than any complications in the story.
      Thank you sir for your continual support and most of all, encouragement!
      All the very best my friend.


  2. You have a touch for this kind of thing, Hugh. The story is funny but the questions are profound. What is the ‘self’? Does it exist? Who knows? All the best. Vic


    1. Hi Vic, yep, that was my thinking. Between that and how much others really know us was the catalyst for this story. I have also wondered how anyone can say that they know us when some of us have trouble knowing ourselves!
      Thanks for continually reading and commenting!
      All the very best my friend.


  3. Bathroom mirrors talk a lot, don’t they! Mine sure does! I liked this punchy little story, Hugh. Best, June


    1. Thanks June, I never look in mirrors, they are all defective!!!
      I was just toying around with our perceptions of ourselves and whether or not anyone really knows us when I came up with this.
      Again , you have taken time to read my nonsense and again, I can’t thank you enough!
      All the very best.


    1. Hi Nik, there are many more imaginary voices saying a lot worse in my head!!
      Thank you for the read and support.
      All the very best my friend.


  4. Hi Hugh. Pronounced paranoid anxiety. He should look behind the mirror, that’s where the answer lies. Cheers Des.


    1. Thanks Des, you are right, behind the mirror, is probably the answer. That is where the glue and spiders are!!
      This was a bit different from what I normally write, but I hoped that it still had some merit and raised a few self-analysing questions.
      All the very best my friend.


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