Consequence By Hugh Cron – Adult Content


“I blame that Lord Longford muppet. All he did was encourage you do- gooder visitor pricks! You have sprouted up like a cancer since that old fuck died.”

James stopped, “Now this was an agreement! People know that I am here!”

Chris walked on, “Don’t flatter yourself. If I have got a murder in me, it won’t be for the likes of you. Fucking parasite!”

“Have you just brought me here to abuse me?”

Chris nodded towards some boulders, “We can sit there.”


James’s voice began to crack, “…I think I know where we are.”

Chris began to smile.

“The first time I walked onto this field I felt it. I could see the green of the grass, the dandelions lifted their heads and said hello but I ignored them. This wasn’t a hello place. The buttercups were false. That thing that you visit killed Rachel and those others.”

He looked up into the sky. It wasn’t difficult to remember.

“Sheila, Linda, Megan, Holly, he raped them all while they were alive and also after he had smashed their heads in. He just picked up a random stone and beat them until their brains oozed out. He raped them again, seemingly he wasn’t fussy and he got his jollies in so many ways. Rape, torture, murder, necrophilia. He had a hankering for them all…

He fed the dandelions and the buttercups with their blood. Those girls were here. All of them. I wanted to lay my flowers because of Rachel. She was my first kid…

I look at this field, heather…Purple, beautiful. Grass as green as you can get. The stones, that seem to be there for a reason and not what he used them for. The skyline which accentuates the beauty of the surroundings only hides the fact that death was here. That bastard took so many things of beauty and made them ugly.”

Chris wiped his eyes.

“Serial killers, fuck they don’t even know who they have killed. No consequences and no regret, just their sick fucking fantasy that gets them off!”

He took a few deep breaths.

“That is what I wanted to tell you. This place is what I wanted to show you. And I want to ask you, do you sense those girls? Can you get an inclination of what it did and the suffering it caused to those kids?”

James stood up, “Of course I can feel your pain.”

Chris clenched his fists.

“I fucking hate that phrase! How about empathy? Do you feel that?”

James smiled, “Of course I do.”

“Who for? Those girls? Or have you empathy for your pal? Fuck you might even be sitting here with a hard-on!”

“Mr. Henson, this isn’t getting us anywhere.”

“Do you not feel any…Revulsion? You know, what you are visiting. Think about your own family and them meeting someone like him.”

“You need to get beyond the details.”

“DETAILS! Get beyond the details? Are you for fucking real?”

“I am not making light but we need to understand why he did what he did. He is not that person anymore.”

“So he is not a sick fuck anymore! Well if he is not that person. If he is accepting and responding to treatment…”

“And he is.”

“…Well tell me this, how can he live with his fucking conscience?”

“…Well therapy helps to understand and accept, and, well it’s a complex issue.”

Chris sighed, “Thank you! Do you know, I was also curious to see what type of man you are.”

James nodded, “So, we are on the same page. I wanted to find out how you were feeling.”

“Same page? I very much doubt that! For me to have to explain to you makes me judge you very fucking harshly. How the fuck do you think I…We feel? My wife? My other daughters? My mother and father? In-laws? Friends? Go on! Take a stab at it!”

“It is difficult for everyone concerned.”


Chris rolled his shoulders.

“…It doesn’t really matter…You have told me what I wanted to know. I couldn’t get any DETAILS! I have found out about his rehabilitation and all that crap! Shit he has even been moved to a low secure after only ten years with town leaves and all the fucking trimmings!! But no-one could or would tell me if he had a conscience after this miracle of him becoming a sane person again.”

James swallowed, “Mr. Henson, where are you going with this?”

“Oh me…Nowhere. It would be stupid of me to threaten to do anything…To either of you. As you have said people know that you are here with me! And I always know where he is.”


Hugh Cron

8 thoughts on “Consequence By Hugh Cron – Adult Content

  1. The world moves on, the media lose interest and the criminal is rehabilitated, but some loose ends will never be tied up. Powerful and incisive writing, as yours always is. All the best. Vic.


    • Hi Vic, I have always wondered about conscience and how anyone can handle it, this was the idea that was the catalyst for this story.
      Always pleased to see you here!
      Thanks so much.


    • Thanks June, I try to consider scenarios that I have never experienced and hope that I can do them justice.
      As always, thanks for your continual interest and kind comments.


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