Alfie by Hugh Cron – Adult Content. This may be unsettling for some readers.




Jean walked over to the carry-cot.

“Ugly wee bastard, isn’t it?”

Graham began to laugh, “That’s whit you get when you shouldn’t have weans.”

She stared into the cot, the kid was sleeping.

“Do you mean about Kylie being a lesbo?”

“Aye. Why did she get herself pregnant, I take it wis fur the money?”

Jean pulled the shawl over the kid.

“Naw! Did she no tell ye?”

“You’re mair of a pal to her, I’m only here when she wants to dump the wean and you’re oot.”

Jean started to laugh, “Well, the story is that she’d always known that she was a todger dodger. She’d been wae women since she was thirteen.”

He scowled, “Oh fuck no! You’re no telling me she was raped? No matter whit ye ur, that’s no fucking funny!”

“Naw, she wisnae raped. She was curious. She wanted to ken what a coke felt like. Turns oot it felt like two feet, and that had fuck all to do with the size!”

Graham spluttered, “Wis she no oan the pill?”

“Naw. She thought with the amount of smack she was taking, she widnae get pregnant.”

Graham stood up and went over to his kit box, “Talking of the sweetness that is smack, how about I cook us up some?”

“How much have you left?”

“It’s fine, I am cutting it. All those daft wee bastards are injecting more Persil than smack. I’m surprised they don’t all turn blue! Mind you, they probably will one day! I’m geeing Dodd his money, he is happy and me and you are left with about five free bags each. Fucking sweet!! I’ve selt it aw bar oors that is. And I have the money to get some mair aff ae Dodd.”

She put her hands on his shoulders, “Aye, ye dae work it well. No like those wee middens, that are oan the rob and hidin’ fae their suppliers. You’ve got brains and that’s why I luv ye.”

He kissed her on the forehead. She tasted of sweat.

“Whit aboot the kid?”

“It’s sleeping and so should we be.”

“Whit about Kylie, when did she say that she would be back?”

“A few hours, she was going to see that woman that pays her fur her…”

“Don’t say it!! I get the fucking picture! Cook us up!”

Graham did as he was asked, he prepared four charges.

“Double deckers! I fucking love them! One and the other when we come round…Beautiful!”

Jean looked in on the kid again.

“It’s oot cauld.”

“Maybe it’s catching up on its sleep. It didnae get fucking much when it was born. The wee junky bastard!”

Jean tried to stop herself laughing, “You’re sick! Now shall we get comfy! Gie’s ma hits!”

Graham sat on his chair. Jean lay down on the couch and they injected. Sleep came quick.

Graham looked down at the two empty needles. He couldn’t remember taking the second. He realised that he had been a little too enthusiastic or careless as there was some blood spray over his shirt.

“Jean, come on wake up! We’ll need to square ourselves up, Kylie will be here soon. You ken whit a beggin’ wee cow she can be. If she thinks we’ve got some smack, she’ll be trying tae get it for fuck aw! Cheeky wee bitch! She’ll have earned as well!”

Jean grumbled. He threw an empty cider bottle and then a cushion at her.

“Fuck off!!”

“It’ll be the ashtray next, now get up! Check the wee bastard will ye!”

Jean swung her legs off of the couch and forced herself to go over to the cot. She looked in and moved the shawl down. She stared for a few seconds and then prodded it.

“Graham! You’d better come here.”

“I’m making a coffee! Whit is it?”

“Fuck Graham! The wean, it’s deid!”

He scowled as he walked over.

“Yer fucking kiddin me!”

They stood over the crib.

“Dae something Graham!”

He gently put his hand on its cheek and shuddered.

“It’s cauld.”

“But it’s only been a couple of hours, should we no phone someone?”

“Two fucking hours! It takes seconds! It’s no coming back.”

Jean slumped down on the couch.

“How much mair smack have you gote?”

He started pacing up and down.

“We’ll get the blame of this.”

“Cook me up a charge Graham!”

He still paced.

“Naw. We need tae think.”

She started to cry, “Ah need it!”

“Naw! Naw!!”

He slowly began to nod, “I think I ken whit tae dae!”

He grabbed the cot and took it into their bedroom. He turned the kid on its side facing away from the door and covered it up. He went back into the living room and knelt down beside her.

“Now listen! If you dae as I say, we’ll be fine! We cannie huv the polis all over us. It widnae be good for business. And with oor records, they’ll dae us fur something. So focus!!”

Her glazed eyes were becoming clearer.

“You don’t want to dae anymore time, dae ye?”

Jean slowly shook her head.

“Right! Listen to me. When she comes in I will cook up a freebee. She is a greedy junky but she cannie handle it. I’ll get her oot her tits and then we will take her and the wean up to her flat. I’ll leave another hit beside her. When she wakes up, she’ll take it. That will gie us a few hours, maybe mair. When she finally gets up, the wean will be long deid and she’ll think it wis her fawt. Who fuckin’ cares whit she dis, whether she hides it or no. As far as we’re concerned, she took the wean hame.”

Jean began to cry.

“But if she wants to see it, when she comes in?”

“I’ll take care of that. Now we need to time this right. I’ll jag the two of youse, but I’ll keep aff it. Aw you huv tae dae is keep yur mooth shut. In fact I’ll cook up the noo. If she’s due back and gets the smell of smack, we will be laughin’”

They didn’t have to wait long before the door was chapped. Jean stared wide-eyed as he went over and answered it.

“Shoosh! We’ve jist managed to git it tae sleep! Be fuckin’ quiet!”

Kylie smiled as she creeped into the flat.

“Hello Jean! Are you awright?”

Jean nodded but shut her eyes.

“Don’t mind her, she’s oot ae it.”

“Can ah smell…”

Graham laughed, “Aye, yer timing is spot on! Ye’ll be wantin some?”

“Aye…Bit I cannae gie ye anything.’”

He had to play along.

“Whit aboot the dosh ye’ve jeest earned?”

She sneered as she rubbed the redness around her jaw, “Ah met Dodd. Guess whit happened tae ma money?”

Graham went over to his kit box and brought out three needles.

“Awright! Ah’ll no see ye stuck.”

He held them up, “In true Blue Peter fashion, here are some that I prepared earlier!”

She looked around the room.

“Ah better have a swatch at the wean.”

Graham pointed towards the bedroom door.

“Now be quiet. The wee fucker has jeest shut up.”

He walked with her and half opened the door. She looked in. She went to step in.

Graham waggled a needle at her.

“Moan. Best dae it noo, while the wean is settled.”

Her eyes lit up as she went over and sat beside Jean.

“Take yur coat aff and get a vein. I’ll jag ye.”


Graham sat in his chair, smoked a roll-up and sipped his coffee. Jean was still out of it. After he had carried Kylie and the kid up to their flat him and Jean had used up most of the smack. He wasn’t worried he was going to see Dodd. He would pay him, have a hit and collect later. He didn’t want too much smack anywhere near him just in case.

It took until around noon the next day before he heard the screams. He smiled as he knew that the nosy old biddy who stayed next to Kylie would be the first one there. He looked in on Jean. She was out for the count, nothing was going to wake her for a while. She probably wouldn’t even hear the door go if the police could be bothered asking around. He smiled as he wondered if Jean would even remember. Graham put his jacket on. No matter what, he knew that Kylie was fucked. But not half as fucked as Alfie.

Hugh Cron

10 thoughts on “Alfie by Hugh Cron – Adult Content. This may be unsettling for some readers.

  1. Hi Hugh, another story portraying your genre of ‘the sad lives people live’ theme.
    My only thought on the tragedy of young Alfie, would agree as some would say, it was for the best. A story of negligence and irresponsibility of people trapped in a world of self debasing drugs.
    I think this was one of your best stories I have read as the author controlling the narrative is apparent to me.



    • Thanks James, I wish the powers that be would have the guts to say what you have just done. Until the hierarchy realises that any contact from parents isn’t necessarily a good thing, we will have this story as many a real life scenario.
      It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts!
      All the very best my friend.


  2. The world described in this story is far from the world I grew up in and now live in. Through your stories I get to peak into this dark, dark world where nothing is spared. I don’t think I should recite your one key word for this story which really(!) made me think, although it really is a great description, because that would ruin it for others. I will just say; Great story about a horrible event. ATVB my friend


    • Thanks Tobias, for you to feel from something that you have not experienced, makes me think that I am making the point. Lets just hope that most of us only read about these situations and don’t see or experience.
      Thanks so much for all your help and encouragement!!


  3. Well written. And so, so sad. Maybe every single man or woman who takes Smack or Ice or anything else that wrecks their lives, should be automatically sterilised. Solve the problem of children born to drug addicts, anyway.


    • Hi Marj, the British Government, a few years back came up with the idea of automatically giving a methadone script to any woman who was pregnant, you can imagine what happened. I totally agree with you, they should have done it the other way. If you were receiving a contraceptive injection, then you could have got a script.
      Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment, it is much appreciated.
      All the very best.


  4. This is another of your little gems, Hugh. Strong, graphic and revolting, it sheds light on the darkest side of humanity. Those living in the pit who should read it won’t, and we who do can only shudder. Best, June


    • Thank you June, I appreciate your enthusiasm for my stories even when they can be as dark as this one. Thank you for your thoughtful remarks and continual support.
      All the very best.


  5. Once again you manage to take me to a place that I can hardly imagine and paint the location vividly enough for me to feel like I’m right in the middle of the tragic action. You are at your most heartbreaking and brilliant in this piece Hugh. Cheers, Nik


    • Thanks Nik, kind words for a horrible story!! I know that some folks would be put off by the subject matter but I feel that these stories need to be told. Your tolerance for my horror that is life is much appreciated. You have all helped me question and improve.
      All the very best my friend.


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