Super Bowl Blues by Frederick K Foote

Night Train

This is For the Sake of Soul. I’m Night Train on the internet radio riding the rails to midnight madness, badass blues, and views from the black side.

I’ve got news for you. I’ve got blues for you. I’ve got things for you to do too.

It’s good to be back. I’m glad to be black. Dig what I say. Hear what I play. Let’s get the midnight Blues show on the way. I want to hear what’s goin’ down with you.

I know you know this already but, damn, it’s one of the best of times to be rich in America. Can I get an amen? All you rich people out there are thriving and driving in Rolls Royce, thirty plus percent and better investment returns. Baby, you in the highest of the high cotton. But Keb Mo got you nailed to the Cross of Capitalism, all you, “Victims of Comfort.”


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Cat Eyes by Yash Seyedbagheri 

 I kept my older sister’s cat-eye glasses in a drawer after she was struck down by a train. Nancy’s Chevy Bel-Air was stalled, like a truly cliché song on the radio. She was only eighteen and it was 1961. Nancy said they made her look like a freak. A nerd. She was embarrassed that she needed glasses to read and see the world’s problems highlighted. She’d get rid of these glasses, go with contacts if she just had the money. A scarlet letter, a reminder of what Nancy didn’t have. There was so much my sister and I didn’t have. We lacked parents like Ward and June Cleaver, the opportunity simply to relax and watch the world move past. Vast objects that were all our own, the finest frocks and suits.

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Literally Reruns – Between First and Final Breaths Kathryn H. Ross

Leila used one of her permitted outings during the great lockdown to sneak into LS Towers. It wasn’t a problem to be socially distant once she was in the dungeons – Only the brave or the foolhardy stray into those catacombs with all the captive energy there is down there. *There’s no Orang Utang but apart from that it’s not dissimilar to the Great Library at the Unseen University – but you can’t get a sausageinabun.

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