Week 112 – Marriage, Mosquitoes And A Wet Gremlin.

We’ve had a writer this week who has given me permission to divulge.

Our very own Kathryn Lord is actually the wife of Andrew Miller. So I’ve outed them. I had to check with them due to our strict confidentiality process. I think it’s amazing that we’ve actually got two authors from the same household. Well, maybe it isn’t the same household?!? I’ve always thought that the reason me and Gwen have been together so long is mainly because we’ve seldom been in the same house at the same time. I don’t mean we’ve had two houses, it’s just that our work has kept us apart for many glorious hours. Sorry, I mean, when we’re together, it made those hours all the more glorious.

This got me thinking about being outed. This is normally a term for same sex couples but when you think on it, no-one should need to be outed or out themselves as it shouldn’t matter who you are as long as you are happy. Why should you need to declare anything? Unless you are a talented husband and wife who just happen to be part of a wonderful writing website! Then you and that site deserve to have some recognition!!

Talking about confidentiality, I had so much material due to work training this week, but I’ve been instructed to shut it! Actually, I don’t know if that would be a confidentiality issue, a bringing the place into disrepute or my personal confession. Whatever it is, I can’t use it! I’ll leave this idea for when I get sacked so maybe around Post 120!!

Anyhow, we’ve been very busy here at Literally Stories. Any of you who have been accepted may have noticed that we’re now giving you notice of around two weeks. We have a cracking reason for that and this is due to the number of submissions we’ve been receiving. It’s been wonderful and we really do have some superb stories coming up over the next few weeks.

I know I’ve mentioned this before…But the lovely Diane asked me to reiterate this a few weeks back. And I can’t ignore her, she is like the offspring of a double dipped Gremlin when she gets riled!

…We are still getting some rather rude submissions (Oh and for any of our old guard who think I am getting at them, I’m not! Christ, will insecurity and writers ever divorce?? We wouldn’t change our quirky friends for the world!!)

I’m talking about new writers who think it’s acceptable to send a shit submission without so much as a by your leave! I wondered where that phrase came from and looked it up. I don’t know what mosquitoes have to do with rude submissions but you live and learn.

Anyways, this is bad enough, but when it’s pointed out to you that you’re being rude or a general diddy (Scottish word for breast and nipple) you should take that on the chin. A wee ‘sorry’ and doing what is being requested is the correct protocol. Don’t answer like a double diddy. (Scottish phrase for a pair of breasts and nipples)

I’m not just saying this, but we try to be as approachable as possible but please, if you are sending for the first time and we don’t know you, please follow the guidelines. There’s a whole section on what they are. It’s called ‘Submission Guidelines’ (That’s a wee touch of sarcasm just write there – That’s a play on words – Sorry I’m boring myself!)

It’s simple…

Your name – This can be difficult for whatever reason. I only call myself ‘Emperor Of The Universe’…In private…Because I know that others / everyone doesn’t see me that way!

Genre -What it’s about…Sorry for having to point that out. There are a few standards, but if you want to be inventive that’s fine. I’m looking for a Slasher Romance Story, but to be fair that might be non-fiction in my biography if I need to read any more angst ridden, will they / won’t they / misunderstandings / kiddies or families bring them together type pish. There’s a subtle hint and piece of information there folks!

Word count. I know that a few of you’ve tried to sneak in the tens of thousands but the number of pages gave that away.

We’ll look at anything but there are a few things that are difficult to engage for the site, so please have a look at what we publish!

I’ve not done a rubbish link for a while so brace yourselves…And here are five of those very published stories!

We only have one newbie this week. Our topics cover a game old bird, zombies, a supernatural salesman and a dalliance. As always our initial comments follow.

On Monday we had the wonderfully talented and unique Nyx Bean. Her short story ‘Reward For My Toes‘ was first up.

‘This darned writer makes me laugh.’

‘Quirky and relevant’

‘I liked the ‘Romero’ reference.

Next was the married to Andrew lovely lady Kathryn Lord. On Tuesday we published ‘Thelma And Addie

‘I wanted to read more’

‘I loved this character.’

‘Kathryn has been a joy to work with.’

On Wednesday yet another returning author. Patrick Winter’s ‘The Pitch‘ was our mid-week offering.

‘I like the bit of mystery we are left with.’

‘A well told story with a satisfying conclusion.’

‘Really good tone and flow’

And yet another talented writer and old friend of the site was next up on Thursday. Patty Somlo added to her back catalogue with ‘The Day Off

‘Great characters and a perfectly structured story.’

‘Well drawn and constructed perfectly.’

‘Relevant with excellent research or knowledge.’

And last was our only newbie. We welcome Thomas Godwin and hope he enjoys the site and continues to send us his work.

He finished off on Friday with ‘Caught In The Act‘.

‘A story that continues to float in my head.’

‘The twist was very well placed’

‘I found myself filling in the blanks.’

OK folks, that’s us for another week.

I’m training again next week so I’m going to out myself as bored, suicidal and really pissed off!!!



Banner Image: By Inti – http://www.flickr.com/photos/inti/3128443786/, CC BY 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12229493

9 thoughts on “Week 112 – Marriage, Mosquitoes And A Wet Gremlin.

  1. Fame and quality diddy shall always elude those defecate on the page and yet claim snobbery and genius. There’s no special hole in hell for this kind of common behavior. G-pop hell will do. Great doings this week. Still got many images in my head.


    • Thanks as always!!
      I’m just catching up on my comments so sorry for me taking so long to say thanks!!
      Oh and who is over-rated!!
      Hope you are well!!


    • Hi Dave,
      It’s so good to see you around the site. And I appreciate your comments on my dribble. I either do the Saturday Post or I need to see a psychiatrist. So these are my therapy!!
      Thanks again my friend.


  2. First – I can’t remember if my submissions were shit based on the guidelines, but I do remember that they advanced the world of literature by a millennium.

    How about this for power couples – she edits, organizes local hiking, plays bass clarinet in our local award winning community band, nature guides and he … makes the coffee.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I forgot to mention this. A couple weeks back, at the film “Split,” we sat behind the individual pictured in the heading. The little creep hurled popcorn and made a general nuisance of itself until my friend conked him over the head with shot glass. Surprisingly well mannered after that (It, not my Dearest Friend. She still refers to it as her “Falling Down Moment).

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you should be able to hurt anyone in a Picture House (Man, I’m showing my age by using that term!!) who annoys you.
      I have been known to ask folks who sit too close to me when there are loads of seats, ‘Are you ******* lonely?’
      They normally move. I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t!!


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