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Literally Stories Week 11

DSC_0592I knew we built this ark for a reason. With our ark we managed to avoid drowning in the flood of stories, but don’t get me wrong. We live in an ark, in the middle of the desert in need of floods. Keep flooding us with stories and it will be smooth sailing for Literally Stories. Who is our Noah? Adam of course. Me? I am just a barnacle at the bottom of our ship, slowing us down.

Breium Bom Bimbon Boom boom – and it sounds even better with notes. That was the intro to our first story of the week. The story which almost had a mission to be as impossibly punful it almost became painful. From laughter of course. Nik Puneleigh gave us A Few Dead Men. In it a mixture of references more colourful than an LSD-taking rainbow.

Tuesday saw us publish Thinking In Nature by Tobias Haglund. Two youngsters meet in a place of beauty to contemplate a difficult decision.

The Wednesday story came from Hugh Cron and is called: Rounds. The Story is about people whose everyday job is difficult and at times harrowing.

Dave Loudens story the Nazi Doctor is about coming back to reality after a rough night and the fact that the apple might not always land close to the nazi tree.

We left you with a melancowly, sorry I meant melancholy story about a wife coping in a one sided relationship. The Friday story was Talk to Me by June Griffin.

It was very close. Closer than ever before. Precisely as close as a shopkeeper shutting down his shop (because he is a closer). The Story of the Week is the comedy Pines Everywhere by Tobias Haglund. Two tourists try to escape the maze that is the Swedish rural landscape.

story of the week banner

Make sure to vote for your favourite! Tell your friends, tell your grandkids. If you don’t have grandkids, get on it! And tell them to hurry because the voting closes in a week from today.

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