Literally Stories Week 31


Another week of fantastic stories from some old faces and a new one in JB Mulligan.

Welcome JB.

It’s not always easy to find a common thread linking five stories together. This week has seen us travelling through several continents. Graveyards, hospitals, tattoo parlours, lost in the woods. We even found time to go to the pub.

Five very different stories from five very different writers.

And the common thread? High quality writing.

On Monday Tobias Haglund gave us Flanders Fields. Inspired by a recent visit to Belgium Tobias cleverly wove a fictional piece into a history lesson that we should never forget. The result is an emotional and touching story that will test even the hardest of hearts.

Nik Eveleigh took us down the pub on Tuesday and gave us a little bit more than Only Rock and Roll. Behind the laughter and the on stage disasters was a gentle (unless you are a piece of a stage) tale of friendship, loss and hope.

Frederick K Foote is a writer who brings a great rhythm and sense of place to his work. A Roaming Tat takes us to a few places we might not wish to visit outside the safe confines of the written page and delivers a clever and original horror story.

Dave Louden has been providing thought provoking stories to LS since its inception and in Joey Schaff he has created another brilliantly drawn, odd and complex character for us to get to know. Is Joey’s life more curse than blessing? Read it and make up your own mind.

To round off the week in style we welcomed JB Mulligan into the fold with his strange and unsettling story Under The Hunter’s Moon. It’s never easy to pull off a convincing story while stepping away from a traditional structure but the one side of a conversation format adopted adds to the sense of unease throughout.

And so to the story of the week…

story of the week banner

It was a close run thing in the early stages but by the end of the week there was a clear and deserved winner. Congratulations to Todd Levin who has bagged his second title in two weeks for his excellent The Starling Fashion.

Who will Todd pass the baton to this week? That’s up to you so get voting!

Oh, and look out for the Editor’s Picks feature which returns tomorrow with some wonderful stories chosen by the equally wonderful June Griffin.

Have a great week of reading and writing!

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