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Literally Reruns – So Are They All by Mitchell Toews

We could tell something had Leila all riled up. We could hear her howling at the moon. We turned the music up and hoped for the best. This is what we found next morning on the steps outside the LS dungeons.

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Week 311 – Everything, Long Legged Linda And That Dirty, Dirty Water.

Well here we are at Week 311.

I was saddened this week to read of the death of Christopher Plummer.

Not as sad as I was when I became aware of ‘The Sound Of Music’.

To be fair, I haven’t seen it all the way through, just a look at those weird weans gives me the fear.

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Kitty Cat Man by Erik Sorensen

A clutter of stray cats roams the streets at night, eating corpses. Least that’s what they say. The clutter don’t make the corpses neither; they just sort of clean them up for us. Course, technically speaking, they’re a destruction of cats, seeing as how they’re wild. But clutter sounds better. Besides, all cats are wild no matter how fat and lazy and orange they might pretend to be. Cats are more like us than we care to admit. Only two animals who regularly practice sadism are us and the kitty cats. Hell, they even domesticated themselves just like we did. But even after all these thousands of years, they’re still creatures of the night. Just like us. Just like that Laura Branigan song. And just like the world.

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Do The Right Thing by Hugh Cron – Warning – Strong Adult Content


Dirty fucking hoors!!

Hoor-maisters…Dirty fucking hoor-maisters.

Clatty bastards the lot of them.

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Urban Violence by Frederick K Foote

“Time and tide wait for no man, buddy. You got to get up and get back on track.”

Coach Leif is kneeling beside me with a grin morphing into a smirk. I’m flat on my back courtesy of a blindside hit that has me seeing stars, hearing bells, and wondering if I’m paralyzed.

“Track? Was I on a track? What the fuck? I thought I got hit by a truck. What’s a truck doing on our track?”

“Come on. Get on up and shake it off, Urban.”

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Brought Down by Y by Marco Etheridge

Philosophy 101 saved my life. A weird thing to say, I know, but it’s mostly true. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that my sleazy professor taught me how to stay alive. Of course, that knowledge was passed on accidentally. Professor Tomlinson’s teaching methods consisted of smoking dope and trying to screw his female students, me included. Any actual learning was purely circumstantial.

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Week 310 – Fat Larry’s Prediction, Always Yours And Paloma’s Saturday Special.

Not too much nonsense from me as we have that once in a six year thingy that we do – We have a Saturday Special!!

But I’d like to state, this week I’ve lost my ZoomTimeFace Virginity.

I don’t like it. I prefer to talk pish to folks without seeing my huge face looking back at me.

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Gameday with Gran by Shawn Nocher

 “But why, Gran, why does everybody have to die?” He was only eight and it wasn’t like the idea was news to him. But it wasn’t something he thought much about until it got personal.

She only shrugged, advanced one of her checker pieces. “Pay attention.”  

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