Kluger, Adam

Adam Kluger is a NYC writer & street artist and descendant of British sculptor Jacob Epstein. Kluger attended the same high school as Jack Kerouac and draws inspiration from diverse literary sources that include Charles Bukowski, John Fante, Ernest Hemingway and Herman Melville & artists Jean Dubuffet, Marc Chagall, Bob Ross, Eric Payson and Pablo Picasso.

boe 2015

Kluger is one of the leaders of New York’s growing Anti-Art movement that seeks to overthrow the gatekeepers and give art back to the people.


A Lost Cause
The Rise and Fall of Johnny Thunders
A Lost Cause Part 2
All Around Town
A Lost Cause Part 3
Out of Place
A Walk in the Woods
A Lost Cause Part 4
The Swamp Tour
What Happened to Milton
Good Morning  Mr Schmertz 
The Freelancer
Better Living Through Better Chemistry
Lady Marmalade and the Rat Catcher
Beaten but not Bowed
Moira Actually
A Weird Duck
The Rain Washed Him Clean
The Post Office
The Sixth Floor
Are We Both Broken
Turkey Burger Deluxe
Trump’s Bathroom
High and Low
This is the End
The Poet
What Would Breslin Have Thought
A Quiet Place
Coney Island
Everybody Drinks at Bemelmans
Butterflies & Lima Beans
Fat Cat

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Check out Adam’s art work on his artist page.