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Collars And Cuffs by Hugh Cron – Strong Adult Content

“You’ve never told me why you and Chris split up?”

“Does it matter?”

“No, but you’re hurting.”

“Don’t say that mum, I’m not fucking hurting.”

“…Sounds like your fine.”

“Sarcasm doesn’t suit you. Fuck him! You need to see him when he picks up the kids so it’s best that it stays this way. Anyway, if you want, ask him.”

“No. That’s for you to tell me, you’re my daughter. He did say that it was his fault.”

“Oh how fucking magnanimous of him. Prick!”

“Okay, if you don’t want to tell me, I won’t ask again.”

“You will! You can’t help yourself!”

“I won’t.”

“Fuck it mum! Do you want to know? Do you really want to know?”


“Fair enough, but let me finish all the way through. And I’ll tell you exactly what happened!”

“I’ll say nothing.”

“Look at me mum. I’ve no tits and dirty brown hair. I’m not much to look at and I always wondered what he saw in me.”

“You are…”

“Fuck off! You said you would let me tell you.”

“Sorry, go on.”

“I’ll always remember those big tits bouncing as she ran away from me. She was a natural blonde too. Bitch. She screamed as my punch caught her on the side of the head. It wasn’t fucking hard enough. I threw a bottle of wine at her, it missed. I’m shite at throwing.

…I knew that prick was capable but I suppose, because of the kids, I didn’t think he would. I caught him looking. Looking? I mean ogling. Any woman with big tits and he was drooling. I hadn’t noticed about his penchants for blondes though.”

“I think you need to start at the beginning.”

“…She was my work-mate. More than that, she was my friend. Well, I thought she was. We went to her house for a party and all ended up pissed. We went to bed, the boys were sound. He wanted to fuck but I wouldn’t, not with the kids in the same room. But I did blow him…Don’t look at me like that mum, you fucking asked!

…just to stop him whispering in my ear and to get his invasive dick away from my arse. He was sleeping before I stopped gagging. He’d been sweating like a horse as he’d been dancing with her most of the night. I didn’t let myself think much of that.

I should’ve let him know that I was still awake when he crept out of the bed. But another blow job would have taken a lot longer so I lay there and pretended to snore.”

“Okay, I know where this is going but I think you need to get it off your chest.”

“…I think I did nod off and when I woke, he still hadn’t returned. I thought he’d just went outside for a cig. But that was when I heard the muffled banging. We all know that sound. The sound of trying to fuck quietly, we’ve all done it.

I knew, I just fucking knew.

I got out of bed, checked on the boys and followed the quiet noise. It was coming from what she used as her study. I regret bumping the door with my foot, that gave her a chance to get off him and run by me. I really wanted to donkey punch the slut.

He was all apologetic, blaming the drink. Her husband got out of bed and she’d managed to grab a robe. The hen-pecked cunt just asked us to leave! That was it. I was ranting and raving and the prick that I married held me back off of her. I heard kids shouting, theirs and ours. That brought me back to my senses.”

“The kids didn’t see any of this?”

“No. I’m glad about that. It was probably me that woke them. I lied to the boys as I dressed them and called for a taxi. He wanted to drive us home. So not only did he fuck her, he wanted us to get into a car with him still steaming. That wasn’t going to happen. I ignored the boys’ pleas for their dad.”

“Where did Chris go?”

“He knew better than to come home. I locked the door and left the key in. I don’t know where he spent the night and I didn’t give a fuck. I was hoping that he would wrap his car around a tree.

I went back to work on the Monday and she asked if we could talk. I told her to fuck off and went in to see my boss. I asked him to put me on the opposite shift. He wanted a reason and I told him. I wasn’t going to fucking hide it, why should I? To be fair, he was good with me and very supportive. He told me to take a couple of days off to get everything sorted out. I’ll always be thankful for that. I didn’t realise how much hate I had.”

“I’m so sorry Linda. I had sort of guessed, but you needed to say it.”

“It’s water under the bridge now. I only had to put up with her at shift change. But every time I did, I could only see the big-titted blonde cunt who fucked my husband.

My husband the arsehole.

I should thank her, but I’ll just hate them both.”

“You should have told me sooner.”

“I couldn’t.”

“Why not?”

“I didn’t want to face that he didn’t prefer me and that I’ve always been right. I knew what everyone said was true.

…I punched above my weight.”


Hugh Cron

Image – Pixabay

14 thoughts on “Collars And Cuffs by Hugh Cron – Strong Adult Content”

  1. I liked how the story grabbed me by the throat and spat anger. My attention was cornered, there was no way out, I was compelled, like the mother = to shut up and listen.
    Great understanding boss who gave her time to calm down, he doesn’t need an eruption at work.
    The destruction of self-esteem is a slow process and through a constant battering gets worse, and her anger and unwillingness to talk makes it worse. Will she calm down? Will she forgive or will her workmate be found floating in the canal, held up by her big tits.


    1. Hi James,
      Thanks as always.
      I love to read your take on any of the stories.
      Your comment on the destruction of self-esteem being constant is so true. I think the reason that it is constant is because it is internal and comes from the person. When any situation adds to that it gives the person validation of their own destructive thoughts.
      The balance of not giving a fuck what others think and respect for them can take you down either an anti-social, arrogant, sociopathic, selfish or enlightening path. So many negatives are against you finding something that benefits all.
      All the very best my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Linda wins because she did something about the ugly situation. She seems to have rage enough to fuel the long haul. But I see trouble ahead for her boys.
    Also love the ironic title. It put frilly laces and affected manners in my head. A perfect contrary image.


    1. Hi Leila,
      I enjoyed toying with the idea about turning hurt to anger. There are so many conflicting arguments about what is healthier!
      I agree, I think the boys will have their own thoughts and reasoning to sort out. That may just come down to their loyalty.
      The MC on the other-hand, I think she has some insecurities to exorcise.
      Thanks as always.
      I’m delighted to read your take on any of my work.


  3. Excellent realistic fiction with engaging dialogue and storyline. Linda thinks she punched above her weight when clearly her husband was below her. Sad, but very believable.


    1. Hi Dave,
      You hope that she realises the events of that night were all his doing. If there were any issues between them, there were other ways to go about it.
      When I was writing this I wondered about him. I think he knew how she would feel if he got caught and he wanted her to think it was her fault. I think he thought she would eventually take him back because in her mind he was a catch.
      Sometimes the story keeps going in your head and leaves doubts!
      Thanks as always, your comments are much appreciated.
      All the very best my friend.


  4. Thanks for being willing to take risks with your characters’ dialogue, let them express themselves unreservedly. The world is sick; an honest artist must accept that and sublimate that sickness in his or her art. We can’t pretend anymore; that’s what the fifties were for. Now is the time to “put up or shut up!” Sock it to em. Not brutally,not gratuitously, but with compassion and love: wisdom. Thank you sir.


    1. Hi Penny,
      I can’t thank you enough for your kind words.
      A lot of my work takes on the more unsavoury situations and I do my best to put the story across without any interference from my opinions. I can only hope that the situations and dialogue gives a realistic account.
      Any judgement comes from the character themselves more than the reader.
      It’s great to see you around the site and your insightful comments are very much appreciated.
      All the very best my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Lust, one of the 7 deadly sins. And pride, and wrath and envy. Quite a boiling pot of emotion and circumstance, and indeed very believable. Linda’s predicament has only just begun.
    Her Mom sounds supportive, and the boss, but I have the feeling this will only end badly, as everyone’s caught up in their own needs and the actions have gone too far to forgive and forget.


    1. Hi Harrison,
      I think you are spot on when you say about this being ongoing.
      When kids are involved at such a young age, the events will never be completely put to bed as they themself have to process what happened. Any blame could change to and fro through teenage years and into adulthood.
      Thanks as always for all your support of the site.
      All the very best my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ed,
      I will take the words; ‘raw’, ‘real’ and ‘believable’ any day of the week!
      I can understand a lot of folks not liking what I write as most of it isn’t very likeable but your comments are all about why I write what I do!!
      Thank you so much my friend!


  6. Infidelity, infidelity. Such a thorny subject. I wish I could tell the character it wasn’t about her. I’d tell her to think about Francesca in The Bridges of Madison County, or Jack and Ennis in Brokeback Mountain.


    1. Hi Renato,
      I totally agree, she has a lot of her own self-demons to work on.
      Insecurity can become reason even though it has no place being there.
      It’s great to see you around the site! We can’t thank you enough.
      All the very best my friend.


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