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Literally Reruns, Odyssey of Tears by Titus Green

So Leila bears her soul in the light of this rerun. I’m sure we can all sympathise. This is what she said:

The only reason I haven’t highlighted this piece earlier is that it fell on the day that my belief in Romance died. I will spare you the ugly details, but if forced to rank from best to worst the seven-hundred-plus days that have since passed, 11 April 2017 would hold the bottom rung, and might do so until I finally go the way all failed lovers go.

Of course I am keenly aware that there are far shittier things in the world than my broken heart. Being a Syrian refugee, for instance. In his Odyssey of TearsTitus Green rides the fine line between fiction and reporting. He shows restraint, which is, almost paradoxically, the soul of a moving piece.

On 10 September 2018 (a high ranking day), Yours Truly happened to pass the person who had defecated on Yours Truly’s formerly fatuous faith in romance, on the street. Although the other party picked up the pace upon seeing me I got the chance to yell ”Seems that I’m three times behind telling you to go fuck yourself!” Since people ten feet beyond this scuttling amoeba obviously heard it, I have no doubt that the message landed, although it had been physically ignored.

I suppose one person can take solace from yelling a profane (and richly deserved) sentiment at another. But what about the true profanities that plague the meaningful world? I ask Mr. Green if he feels that it is unethical of the media to just simply cycle out stories like that which begun in Syria in 2015–even though there has never been a clear resolution? Also, Dorothy Parker once said that it’s a writer’s duty to report on the time in which he [or she] lives in–Do you think that helps?

Leila Allison


Titus responded:

Question 1:

Is it unethical of the media to simply cycle out stories like that which began in Syria in 2015 even though there has been no resolution?

Answer 1:

I don’t think ethics have ever been a priority of the corporate news media. In the past, cynics justifiably disdained the news media as merely a cartel of profiteers enriching themselves through their low-grade product of polluted reality. However, during the past fifteen or so years I think it has become more obvious that corporate global news media is much, much more than a mere charlatan on the television, radio or computer screen making a fast buck hawking its dubious information and begging for our belief. In the case of Syria’s destruction, a distressingly large segment of the collective UK, US and European mainstream media (working in concert with other insidious stakeholders) has been complicit in the tragedy by broadcasting distorted information about the Syrian government which has demonized President Assad, undermined his attempts to combat the foreign terrorists and legitimized the illegal military incursions against Syria by the West.

 Question 2  

Dorothy Parker once said that it’s a writer’s duty to report on the time in which he [or she] lives in–Do you think that helps?

Answer 2:

I certainly agree that the writer and artist’s job is to react to and attempt to interpret the environment in which they exist. However, implying that writers should limit the scope of their fiction to their personal experiences within their seventy-five to eighty-year residency in life’s five-sense reality is neither logical nor beneficial for literature.  As a writer, you have the creative licence to occupy any situation, person, mind, epoch or nation in order to communicate truth about the human experience.


Odyssey of Tears

1 thought on “Literally Reruns, Odyssey of Tears by Titus Green”

  1. Hi Leila,
    I would normally say brilliant introduction but that sounds as if I am taking pleasure in the situation you found yourself in.
    I have a level of wishes for those who have wronged me from the slightly nippy like hoping they receive a paper cut, to the more brutal, which is normally a more hands on fantasy involving blow torches, laxatives a cork,super glue and a coffin.
    Please feel free to wish any of these on the person.
    Another brilliant choice and again, the questions instigated a very interesting response from the writer.
    Thanks Titus for being so open to the questions!


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