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Week 196 – A Lady-Part, A Nipple End And A Happy Anniversary!!

Before I start writing nonsense and swearing and being nasty and things, I would like to let you all know that our lovely Diane is celebrating her 50th Wedding Anniversary this weekend.

I find it a bit strange to think that one of my best friends is a net friend and they were getting married when I was celebrating my first birthday. This medium has its plus points.

To Mr and Mrs Dickson and all their family, I hope that they have a wonderful time this weekend.

OK, no particular inspiration this week just a couple of observations.

First off I saw the meeting between Trump and that West person.

…Oh dear!

I will never pass comment on any other countries politicians due to the inbred, over-privileged mutants that we have.

But…Oh dear!

If I can make an observation, not a criticism mind, I would say that Mr Trump came across very well but this may have had more to do with who he was sharing the interview with.

On the same news programme, I saw that there’s a call for cutting the size of pizzas etc. due to our weans being wee bloaters.

All kids problems are mainly down to their parents. They are the ones who feed them. They are the ones who allow their kids access to the internet. They are the ones who allow them to watch hours of TV. They are the ones who let them play their games. They are the ones who give them mobiles. They are the ones who don’t monitor what they are doing. They are the ones that don’t encourage the kids in other activities.

There is so much about this society that is wrong but it cannot be blamed for this. Parents should parent, the clue is in the fucking title. So stop blaming everyone else for your spoilt, fat, unmannered, PD, clueless creation and take some fucking responsibility.

When we are at school, the only over-weight kid was the one whose mother gave him a note for PE every class. I may be over-simplifying but I think that is an old example and reason of an escalating new problem.

Our age group would have ate everything that was put down to us but there were not many that had problems due to the fact that we burnt everything off. You would scoff your lunch* and then get back to school so you could kick a ball about for half an hour. At night some kids played football, golf, they swam or biked. How many kids do we see kicking a ball about now-a-days? You’ll get the argument about freaks watching them…Fair point but a perv in a play-ground playing with themselves is very noticeable and they do normally get caught…No-one can see them doing that whilst they are texting your kid!

As I was typing this I had reason to look onto the site and it was brilliant to see that there were eight comments from different people, that makes us all happy! And it also makes the writers that they have commented on even happier. Myself, Nik and Diane love to see this and it keeps the site alive…

A huge thanks to all those who make the effort.

Onto this weeks stories.

We have two new authors this week and three folks who have been around the site for a long while.

The topics include; reincarnation, a fish, fungi, uneven cows and in-laws.

As always our initial comments will follow.


On Monday, no introduction is needed.

Leila Allison not only is one of our more productive and brilliant writers, she has embraced our Sunday Re-Run spot.

All of Leila’s work is intelligent with just a touch of devilment.

The Customer Is Never Right‘ began the week.

‘One of the strengths of Leila’s writing is the way she decorates everyone with the subtleties and back-stories that make us relate and care.’

‘The detail in this and the gradual lead to the end was enthralling.’


Jim Freeze has been around the site for a while and it is brilliant to see him getting another story published.

Then And Again‘ was next up on Tuesday.

‘An interesting mix of story and philosophical argument.’

‘I’ve always wondered about the remembering aspect of this belief. For this only to be in ‘Form-Land’ is as logical as any musings we have had.’

‘A well put together and entertaining story.’


On Wednesday we have our first new writer.

We welcome Mel Nicholson and hope that he has a long association with us.

The week’s back was broken with ‘On The Edge‘.

‘Dark and weird!’

‘What a family. It was like a cross between Dallas and Caligula.’

‘Unusual and some real horror.’


It is getting that I only need to say the name Tom Sheehan and we know that we are in for quality.

Mushrooms And Trolleycars‘ was published on Thursday.

‘Moving and lyrical – Tom at his best.’

‘No faulting the writing or imagery.’

‘As always you were taken along with Tom’s words.’


And we finished off on Friday with another first-time author. We extend the same welcome to Olivia Parkinson and hope that both our new writers have fun on the site and continue to send us their work.

Elon‘ completed the week.

‘This popped with emotion.’

‘Excellent pace, believable and a ‘real’ narrator.

‘This hit on the rejection / infatuation balance in a very manic way.


So that’s us for another week folks.

And please check out the Sunday Re-Run spot and get involved.

All we are looking for is a recommendation and a spiel.


(*Just an explanation on the asterisk:)

I would have used ‘dinner’ instead of lunch as that is what we call ‘lunch’. We also call ‘dinner’, ‘tea’ depending on what you are eating. The unwritten rules are: If you are having potatoes at ‘dinner’ not ‘lunch’ time it is ‘dinner’ but if you are having chips with your ‘dinner’ it was then called ‘tea’. If you had tea as a drink with your ‘dinner’ at ‘tea’ not ‘lunch’ time, it was again called ‘tea’.

It doesn’t matter what you eat at ‘lunch’ time, it’s always called ‘dinner’

Breakfast is as always – Tennent’s!)


And again, congratulations to Diane and Ian!!!

I hope you have a lovely celebratory lunch / dinner / tea!!!!



Banner Image:

Hugh said I should use the wedding photo! for the banner, well I wasn’t sure you could cope with it but for anyone who would like a look at us before all the stuff we did!! Here we are with no idea what treats were in store. And thank you Hugh for the good wishes. x

Family 001


6 thoughts on “Week 196 – A Lady-Part, A Nipple End And A Happy Anniversary!!”

  1. A 50 year marriage? To one person? Since 1968? And neither one of you has dismembered the other?
    Amazing. Take it from someone whose mother got married SIX times in the space of FIVE years, I am impressed. All the best.
    Leila Allison


    1. thank you – we are nothing if not tenacious! Actually to be honest we have been lucky enough to have a ‘life less ordinary’ and I think that helped and to be fair The Hubby is not that bad!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you very much. The cake was made by my brother who was a master baker! Yes, we’ve heard all the jokes I think! It was a lovely day and a wonderful celebration last weekend with the family. We are very lucky

      Liked by 1 person

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