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Literally Reruns – The Valley of the Shadow of Death by Tobias Haglund

Well Leila Allison has been rooting around in the stacks again and has brought us this. A super story by one of our founders, and this is what she said:

Those familiar with the beginnings of Literally Stories will recall that Tobias Haglund was one of the original editors whom a writer had to impress if he or she wished to be published on the site. And in those early months some of the finest English to appear in the site was penned by this native of Sweden. Sometimes translations do not work out as well as they do in the original language (a few of the great Russian authors have suffered this fate). And although I do not know if the items Mr. Haglund wrote for LS are translations, I do know that he is a master of English, a knowledge gathered by simply reading his material.

I have selected The Valley of the Shadow of Death. It is a short allegory, but every word tells and every image comes forward with a variety of meanings. Have a look at it and the other selections in Haglund’s LS canon, and perhaps you will long for Mr. Haglund’s return as I and others have done for some time.

Leila Allison


The Valley of the Shadow of Death 

5 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Valley of the Shadow of Death by Tobias Haglund”

  1. That is so kind of you, Leila! I’m glad you chose this one. I thought it would be a little tricky and didn’t think the others would go for it, but they did and published it. Now I see that you also liked it, which makes me really happy!

    Regarding the translations; most of the first stories published here were translations, but I don’t think they work as well as if I’d just written them in English to begin with. This one and probably the majority of the stories published here are in fact written in English and only that.

    All the very best!

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  2. I’m glad you like this. It must be both difficult and rewarding to write in more than one language. I have shamefully forgotten the name of the writer who learned Norwegian so he could read Ibsen as writ. Now there’s dedication for you. I am currently studying the finer points of Pig Latin. I just ordered acon-bay and ancakes-pay. Who says state college is time wasted?

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  3. Excellent choice Leila!
    And to my fine Swedish friend, you are the benchmark for those writing in a second language.
    They all must hate you!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s great to see you around Tobias.


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