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White Is Best by Hugh Cron. Warning – Strong Adult Content.

I wanted to drink its blood.

Because it never wanted to know me.

But I didn’t bite.

It was going to wish it had even smiled.

Cutting would suffice.

It had ignored even though I saw it every day.

The cut was deep.

Rejection is a bitch.

It screamed and tried to thrash.

I took off my mask.

…I got its attention.

Revenge is arousing.

It couldn’t move.

Duct tape and rope did the trick.

It was going to be dead anyway.

I drank.

I drank and I licked and I felt sick.

Irn Bru isn’t a favourite and it’s blood reminded me of Irn Bru.

It died and defecated and urinated.

The smell got to me.

I was sick.

The blood that I’d just swallowed flowed out of me.

That wasn’t very pleasant.

But no matter.

I’d ingested what I was curious about.

It was still.

I took off it’s clothes and lay it’s T-shirt over it’s head – I had enough of seeing the blood.

I wanted to look at its nakedness.

But the piss and shit put me off.

I had a hose.

And hosed it all away.

The T-Shirt, the blood, the shit and the urine.

I stopped and brought the T-Shirt back.

I tied it around its neck.

I hosed again, I hosed for a while.

Until everything stopped oozing or leaking.

You were now you.

I liked your pussy and tits.

I was aroused and wanted to fuck.

But that was wrong.

So I went to the corner and masturbated.

Your T-Shirt hid your eyes but that didn’t help.

I turned away so that you couldn’t see me.

Ironic really as you never did before.

But I kept glancing back.

It was good.

It was better than good.

I’ve never came like that before.

I’d finished but started again.

The second time was even better.

I saw my own blood in my hand.

I tasted it.

It was better than yours.

It was time to tidy up.

I read somewhere that a body was difficult to burn.

I had a lot of petrol. I’d been saving it up. And a rake.

And no-one would see.

And thanks to your indifference, no-one knew that I knew you.

No-one was anywhere near.

I’d brought sandwiches and beer and six ‘Womens Own’ magazines.

I saw you reading one once.

I like the pictures.

Also, a bottle of wine.

That’s for celebration when I turn you to ash.

It’s red.

You drank a lot of red.

I prefer white.

White is my favourite.

But I’d no way of chilling it.

I don’t enjoy warm white wine.

That’s disgusting.

So red would have to do.

It was a good red.

It had cost me twenty pounds.


Hugh Cron

Image – Pixabay

4 thoughts on “White Is Best by Hugh Cron. Warning – Strong Adult Content.”

    1. Hi Leila,
      I was going to have a go at a book for kids but I was told that there were certain things I couldn’t do:
      I couldn’t swear. Or kill anyone. Or mutilate. Or cannibalise. Or mention alcohol or drugs.
      Writing kids books is as shite as reading them!
      Thanks as always – Much appreciated!!


  1. Jeffrey Dahmer comes to mind……and in Canada, a man named Robert Pickton. Fortunately, folks who actually carry out this sort of sadistic fantasy thing are rare in day to day society. War brings out the twisted beast, given the right circumstances. Revenge can be an excuse for very bad behaviour. I remember a student asking me “Have you ever felt like killing somebody?” But thinking and doing this within a peaceful society are thank goodness mostly separate things. I see this guy draws the line at necrophilia.


    1. Hi Harrison,
      I like your thought on revenge.
      Not always, but sometimes, reasons shouldn’t matter.
      Our problem now is that every person at court who has any level of mental health problem has a defence in the waiting. And when you think on it, is there many of us who haven’t some sort of mental health problem?
      This is a very dangerous line that has went from so far one way, to so far the other. Don’t you just love society and its continual incompetence at finding middle ground?
      Thanks as always, your comments are interesting to read and think on.
      All the very best my friend.


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