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Week 208 – Writing, Typing And Refusing The Nipple.

We are now at week 208. How time flies when you are having fun. I suppose it depends on the fun. If it is backwards time travel, would that phrase still be relevant? I watched ‘The Inglorious Bastards’ the other day. Wasn’t Rod Taylor a handsome man? I mean in ‘The Birds’ and not as an Australian Churchill.

I wonder how writing will evolve. I don’t mean about the stories, I mean the mechanics. I have been doing this for a very long time and when I started I wrote everything. I still have all my hand written manuscripts. Well the furnace won’t stoke itself.

I sometimes lift them to throw them out but I always stop myself. No matter what, they are a testament to time, effort, thought, discipline and more importantly, failure.

So to any kid out there who thinks that working hard will bear fruit, you’re fucked.

I moved onto a type writer and it was OK, then onto the soulless smart arse computer which ruins my happiness in so many ways.

I think that the time will come when we will be able to dictate and for the computer to record and produce the work. I’m quite sure that we are at that stage now but I am talking about this being the norm.

The blood, sweat and tears are missing. And every one of them are human.

It will probably get that you could obtain a programme that will do what we all strive for and that is the idea that hasn’t been done before.

‘Alexa, give me an idea for a book that has never been done before.’

‘How about a realistic romance.’

‘That’ll work. Alexa, write it for me and have it on Amazon by the end of the day.’

I hate Alexa, she’s a cow.

Will the want to write die out simply because we can’t be arsed? There are so many things in life that you can see completely dying out.

You know, like kids getting a thrill out of an album – That’s gone. They can’t be arsed doing anything other than using their fingers to download or play.

Or babies refusing their mother’s tits – They’ve no choice. Society and Anti-Social-Social Convention sticks them in their faces. I just wish there would be some serial killer who has been regressed and stated that all he wanted as a kid was some Cow And Gates.

Or old people not throwing away food – The saddest thing in the world is an older person looking for a sell by on a bag of sugar or salt.

We have replaced so much with so little. And that little can be time. We have no time for anything other than watching box-sets and socialising from a distance.

We have de-cluttered our lives but that clutter, those collections, those paintings and manuscripts were a manifestation of who we were and what we worked for.

What the fuck do we have now…False photos, girls with weird eyebrows and more TV than we could watch in ten lifetimes.

Give me the clutter and the blood, sweat and tears anytime!!

Onto this weeks stories.

We have three new writers, one author on his eleventh outing for us and another on his third.

Our topics this week include; regret, a friendship, an opportunity, tensions and an ocean.

As always our initial comments follow.


We began with Ashley Ellis. She is our first new writer and her story, ‘Show Of Good Faith‘ was published on Monday.

‘The brutality and loyalty of the dog was a helluva metaphor for his life.’

‘This was a very moving piece of work.’

‘Well put together with a brilliant pace.’


Des Kelly has had ten stories on the site, so by my reckoning this makes his eleventh. ‘Ghosts‘ was his offering on Tuesday.’

‘The melancholy in this was done very well.’

‘The purchase of the flowers was a poignant note.’

‘There are some very good turns of phrase and description in this.’


The Guy Who Showed Up For Work‘ was the third addition to Mark Joseph Kevlock’s back catalogue.

He broke the back of the week on Wednesday.

‘There is a bit of depth to this which is clever as the character at first seems shallow.’

‘The idea feels like consumerism pushed to the extremes and is oddly believable.’

‘This has stuck with me and I see the characters clearly.’


Our second new writer was next up on Thursday.

We welcome all of them.

Spirals‘ by Emma Uriarte’ was next up.

‘Her thoughts on her anxieties being there through noise was very interesting.’

‘I was totally engrossed.’

‘The ending tying back to the title was excellent.’


And we finished with our last newbie.

The Sea‘ by Anna M. Smith was published on Friday.

We hope that all our writers continue to send us there work and have a long and happy association with us.

‘There is something very appealing about this.’

‘The length of this story was perfect.’

‘Weird. But good weird!’


Well that’s another week in the bag.

And we have another new suggester for a Sunday Re-Run coming up over the next few weeks, so please get involved!

I have just found a guy I’d never known about so I am going to add to my clutter and buy a few Taj Mahal CDs. (Vinyl is a bit too dear.)

I’m also going to remove the sugar that has been in my cupboard for about three years and throw the lumps at the first mother I see feeding their child. But to be fair, this doesn’t happen much in Scotland. A kid is on their first fish supper from the age of three weeks and before that it is Quavers and Irn Bru. That’s why our babies shit is orange.



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7 thoughts on “Week 208 – Writing, Typing And Refusing The Nipple.”

  1. Writing is the communication of ideas and it all hinges on the quality of the minds having the ideas.
    Unless we stop raising a society of corporate blowboys and PC Toadies who only uphold the company line, and fear ridicule from social media, art will die. And if that happens the world dies.


    1. Hi Leila,
      I always thought one of the saddest things about the art of music was the introduction of the video in the early eighties. It showed us what to think, it told a story. But the whole point about music was that before that it mainly related to memories. Most people I know who, like me are in their fifties, if you mention any song, they would have a story to tell, their story. So that song had millions of stories. Then along came video and it had only one.
      When you think on all social media, it is telling us who we should be and it can shape opinion. So I agree with you. Will we only look at art on our phones and like it if it is acceptable? What chance have musty books got when there are no book shops, only the reviewed mass of Amazon?
      To save our creativity I would do with anyone who said ‘I want to be a blogger’ the same as I would do with anyone who said, ‘I want to be a politician.’…They should be experimented on and then they could
      either blog about oozing sores or legislate for any such sore oozing.
      Thanks as always. You make me think, smile and even be that wee bit more bitter!!!! (Excellent!)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi David,
      Ah Alexa! Apart from that being a rather good song from Billy Joel all that it has done is add to my anxiety.
      Every house you go into you have people shouting at a box, turning it upside down and shouting at it again. Why don’t they just put a CD on?
      Thanks as always, it’s always a pleasure my friend.


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