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Literally Reruns – The Girl Who Became a Goose – by K Barrett

Another superb ‘Rerun’ choice by L’Erin Ogle – this time it is by K Barrett and this is what she said:

I like stories that are impossible. The ones where those of us who believe in absolutes rather than abstracts say are impossible. Most of my own stories are built in a world that cannot exist in the laws of our world. In my experience, storytelling is about conveying emotions and concepts as we feel them, a way to understand the things that happen in our all too painful at times ‘real world.’ To properly convey our pain/anger/rage/fear in the depth that we feel it, we remake it ways that the magnitude of the emotion is drawn in the way we feel it, not in how it may seem.

The Girl Who Became A Goose” by K Barrett is one of these stories, and it begins with a broken heart.

The beauty of the story is in the raw, plainspoken pain. The prose is beautiful, the metaphors sharp and descriptive, but my favorite parts were the bits where it was clear that Eloise was not fine, not fine at all. The lonely world of heartbreak, how the great big wide world shrinks the size of a missing person, the way the heart reaches for something to hold onto, were so clear I could feel the familiar ache of heartbreak welling up inside me.

I revisited this story because it was the first that came to mind, because of how clear Barrett was the emotion behind it, and because it was just a damn good time reading it!



The Girl Who Became a Goose

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Girl Who Became a Goose – by K Barrett”

  1. I am so glad that this is now becoming a very popular and regular feature.
    As has been already said, the introductions are all brilliant in whatever form and the stories have been amazing.
    In a way it also reminds, us of the standard that we must keep to.
    Superb L’Erin. You’r introduction compliments the story!


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