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Week 207 – The Blues, A Hangover Cure And Bedding The Elderly.

Well here we are at week 207.

It must be a good seven days since our last posting. (Or a pish seven days for those readers in Scotland.)

I was listening to some Blues when I began to write this and John Lee Hooker came on with ‘One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer’ and I just thought that this was in the wrong order. The Bourbon would argue with the Whisky and you would end up enjoying neither of these. The song should be ‘One Bourbon, One Beer, One Scotch’ that would be more tasteful.

It is like when you are a bit thirsty from the night before. A choc-ice, a bottle of Lucozade and a can of lager helps. But it has to be choc-ice first, then Lucozade then beer. You see if you drink the beer first, the choc-ice and Lucozade become a waste of money as you throw them to fuck and go to the pub for a brandy.

I won’t be about much next week as it is Gwen’s fiftieth birthday on Monday. I told her that going to bed with a fifty year old woman isn’t much fun unless you are seventy. I was advised in no uncertain terms that going to bed with a fifty year old man was worse. Strange that. The late ‘Veronica The Vegan’ said the same to me at his interview.

I do need to thank Gwen for all the help she has given me with the site. You see, the way it would go was: (And sadly still is)

I’d fuck something up and get really madly mentally mad mad.

I’d kick furniture and then contact Nik and Diane and they would tell me what to do.

I’d do that and it wouldn’t work so I’d bite things.

Gwen would come in and I would tell her what had happened whilst swearing, kicking furniture and biting things.

First she would call me a maniac.

I’d then start wishing that the world would curl up and fuck off.

She would then follow what Diane and Nik had said and sort it.

I’d go in the huff and call her a smart arse.

But to be truthful if it wasn’t for her I would have smashed everything and set it all on fire.

Gwen is my Literally Stories Prozac and I wish her a very ‘No Bad’ Birthday!

So onto the stories.

We had no less than four new writers this week and one of our very best.

Our topics include; a cash-cow, reminiscing, parental ambition, the one you love and a memory.

As always our initial comments follow.


Our first new writer had, coincidentally, their first story for us published on Monday.

It seems such a long time since we first saw this story and are delighted that it is eventually here.

Deep Breathing‘ began the week.

‘I wasn’t expecting the ending.’

‘This captured the grief very well.’

‘In a way you could say that the ending was left up to the reader and I like that.’


Fred Foote was next up. He is now striding towards his sixtieth story with his usual class and brilliance.

MVP‘ was our offering on Tuesday.

‘The initial way that this was set-up enhanced the rest of the story.’

‘Fred in full flow is a wonderful thing.’

‘Great writing, great dialogue and sadly all too believable.’


The week’s back was broken by another new writer.

We hope that they all continue to send us more of their work. We would love to get the numbers up from single successful submissions to authors of multiple stories.

On Wednesday we published ‘Motherlove‘ by Lauren Bilsborough.

‘I loved the tone and scenario.’

There is something in this that is so honest and real.’

Poignant and heartbreaking.’


And the newsters kept coming.

We hope that all our writers enjoy their time on the site.

The Pool‘ by Elizabeth Appleton was next up on Thursday.

‘The opening paragraph was lovely.’

‘There was quite a bit of tension and interaction between the girls.’

‘This was well drawn and had an excellent tone.’


We finished off on Friday with Marco Etheridge’s story ‘The Busker.’

As with all our other new writers, we welcome Marco and want to express what a privilege it is for us to continue to be contacted by new writers to the site.

‘I was totally wrapped up in this.’

‘Excellent realism!’

‘Superb atmosphere. I really enjoyed the New Orleans flashback.’


That’s us for another week.

Please have a look at the Re-Run on a Sunday and get involved.

We are still running the feature with three folks who have done a brilliant job. Dave Henson and L’Erin Ogle have contributed. Leila continually sends us amazing choices and entertaining spiels although we believe she has been forced to by her cats – They must have their reasons!!

And as always, come on all you shy folks, give the stories a wee comment now and again. All this keeps a site alive, makes it fresh and it then becomes more than just a story site, it becomes a community.

Fucking hell, that even sounds sentimental and nice. I’ll need to find a toddler, knock his ice cream out of his hand and punch his granddad.

…Well he’d need to be smaller than me.

…And blind.

…But with no dog.

…And one leg.


…And as for the grandfather…



(If you didn’t see that last line coming – Shame on you!!!)

Banner Image – Happy Birthday Gwen and thank you so much for all you do to keep him in line and stop him completely wrecking the internet!! DD

6 thoughts on “Week 207 – The Blues, A Hangover Cure And Bedding The Elderly.”

    1. Hi David,
      I read what I thought was her horror manuscript, it turns out it was her diary!
      She thanks you for the good wishes.
      All the very best my friend.


    1. Hi Leila,
      Gwen thanks you for that but don’t trust her, she is probably after your cats.
      First time I had a hangover was on strangely something similar, Sweet Cider. That was about 40 years ago and I still can’t touch the stuff. (Oh and I ruined two of my mums best towels and a twin tub washing machine!)
      Thanks as always!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It snowed overnight. No work. The shrill weather forecast has the tone of the Second Coming. Story idea: “Hubble telescope has just caught Jesus rounding Mars and heading for Earth wearing A Boy Am I Pissed tee-shirt.


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