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Literally Reruns – Everything Happens for a Reason by Adam West

This is a story from way back in the mists of time. Adam West’s Everything Happens for a Reason is another one chosen by the brilliant Leila Allison and this is what she said:

Before discreetly slipping off into the Writers’ Relocation Program–an action made necessary because some of Mr. West’s characters had finally had enough of the horrible things that he had gleefully done to them–Adam West was one of the founders of Literally Stories. His is one of the five noble faces most deservedly carved into a mountain face located somewhere in the Cyberspace Andes.

Mr. West is also the only LS Ed. to send Yours Truly a rejection. In fact, he rejected one of my works of genius twice. That was an accident (not the rejection, but sending it twice), for which he urbanely and profusely apologized. The truth be told, however, that piece needed to be rejected and ejected from the Universe as many times possible before the extreme case of suckingness that it had suffered from caused a pandemic. Mr. West selflessly threw himself on my suckingness grenade in the name of Public Safety. (Mulched metaphors, like the preceding, are indicative of a case of suckingness.)

There’s a gang of eight in Mr. West’s ironically titled Everything Happens For a Reason. That’s a whole lot of characters to bloom within the space of a hundred-thousand words, let alone three-grand, yet within quick-hitting snippets of dialog West is able to provide each one with his and her own personality and tell the tale at the same time. A greater percentage of the horrible things he does to his characters befalls some within the piece more than others; thus it has become clear to Yours Truly that the characters figured out that Mr. West was the “reason” behind Everything Happens For a Reason, which signaled the author’s hasty retreat into the Writers’ Relocation Program. It’s been whispered that Mr. West has gotten quite wealthy publishing romantic porn under the nom de plume  “Hortence Bemoaning” from an undisclosed location somewhere in the wilds of Wisconsin. I think that’s a red herring concocted to throw the horde of vengeance seekers off his trail. Regardless, you should really check out Mr. West’s contributions to the site.

Leila Allison


Everything Happens for a Reason

2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Everything Happens for a Reason by Adam West”

  1. Dear Leila
    Rejection…Did I? How could I? In the mists of my memory I do perhaps recall such an incident. I am forgiven I see. Excellent. And my nom de plume was or still is, in fact – he now confesses – Xavier P Xavier, who made the one submission to LS of a risqué variety (which was accepted) and yet, one might argue Everything Happens for a Reason is not short of sauce, many thanks, thanks thanks X a lot more
    Adam West AKA XPX

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