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And There Was That by Adam Kluger

She pulled out the Nuclear option and tossed it on the table like the Ace of Spades.

Nothing to do but bluff.

He then called her back and said “Let’s not ruin three lives here. Stick to the current agreement. ”

“Ok, but you better make your payments every month. Get a job at Starbucks.”

“Yes. I will,” he replied not knowing exactly how he was going to do that.

And that was it.

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Last Words by Dawid Juraszek

Henry’s knuckles turned white as he clutched the scarred armrests, listening. The time has come, he thought. The oakwood throne suddenly seemed little more than a pile of firewood.

But the sound died in the halls.

Henry eyed the heavy old door. It looked forbidding, yet it let everyone come and go. Everyone but him, and him only.

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What Gloria Said By Jon Beight

It just sort of came out.

They were sitting on the couch. Dave was watching and laughing at a screwball comedy where, during their honeymoon, the hero and his wife get their signals crossed. She winds up in Bermuda at a four-star hotel while he finds himself with the Inuit eating muskox somewhere near Greenland. Somehow, they reunite.

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The World in My Eyes by L’Erin Ogle

The worms are hook shaped, tiny translucent segments with black antennas and bulbous brown eyes, specks floating.

I can see them in the corner of my eyes, wiggling and multiplying.

They have to come out.

The doctor thinks I’m crazy.  I tell him about the worms squirming away in my eye, swimming in my tear ducts.  I see them, whether my eyes are open or closed.  I feel them, the same way I could feel a bug in my ear, a spider in my mouth.  The relentless whisper of antenna against my eyelid makes it twitch nonstop.

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Week 188 – Nik’s Cross-Dressing, A Black Mass And Ageing Scrotums

As with every other sequence ours has moved onto week 188.

Coincidentally, Nik has 188 sequins hand sewn into a shirt that he only wears in private, well, he calls it a shirt.

And he has a very liberal idea about Fishnets being trousers.

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Abide Sister by Paul Lewellan

I stared at the black homespun dress, large bonnet, prayer cap, and starched white apron that covered her from neck to ankles. She held the hand-lettered sign that read, IOWA. I pulled off onto the shoulder. “You’re not from around here, are you?” I asked.

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Theatrical Spirits by Kilmeny MacMichael.

In this year of unrest, Daniel Luis was sharing a small house with his mother, sister, his pregnant wife, and daughter. He needed work.

“You will be the new janitor at the Municipal Theater,” his uncle said, “It pays little, but the work is easy. Clean up after every performance. Do your work and be invisible, and maybe in time, I can find you something better. Here is the key to the door. They say the theater is haunted, so wear your crucifix.”

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Standing-to at Denby’s Creek by Tom Sheehan

Willard Joseph Lord Pufferton, late colonel of the 1st Regiment of Hodson’s Horse and later 10th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry (Lancers), India-released, Asia-departed, separated from the British Army in 1870, reined in his horse at the head of Denby’s Creek as it flowed from the heart of Earth in America’s Rockies foothills.

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Trajectory by Roger Ley

‘Hello, Tycho Centre, this is shuttle Nostromo, over.’

‘Yes Nostromo, Tycho here, over.’

‘There was a hell of a judder as we left the rail launcher, and there’s a red light flashing on the front control console, over.’

‘Hold one Nostromo, checking, over.’

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