Week 148 – GMT, Halloween And Who To Blame For Everything.

So week 148. Who would have thought it? Probably any normal…Nay, individual who had read Week 147.

That’s a nod to Nik as he likes Frankie Howard although I should have typed three ‘Nays’. (I hate the word normal. I hate the idea of normal even more!! We are all individual! And I only wrote the word to make that particular point which I have done on many occasions but it needs repeating every now and again)

Here we are with another musing posting. I wish it was amusing posting. There is a lot wrong with that sentence and sentiment!

This week we changed our clocks. We got an extra hour in bed. Well what actually happened was, we got an extra hour lying awake as we were so used to waking up at that fecking time anyway! GMT actually means ‘Great! … Moving time.’ I actually didn’t realise that other countries also did this, I just thought that it was an arrogant British thing. It was probably them that started the whole premise. The thinking being that they can do anything that they want, even with nature. Now I know that nature has nothing to do with a man made measurement but it does rise and set the sun which is a cool natural / time aspect and that should be respected. The arrogance of man fucking about with it, that is a different matter! No wonder the world hates those who consider themselves idealistically British!

Onto this Saturday’s posting. My home town gave me some inspiration this week. It normally only gives me desperation, depression and rickets. Ayr used to be picturesque and conservative. The conservative part was never good but it is now a shit hole. I blame our local authority for everything. And not just everything in Ayr, in the whole fucking world. Terrorism, famine and Trump are all South Ayrshire Council’s fault. (Ayr is a word that can be found in Syria and terrorists breath air. Check out the price of Ayrshire Tatties, no fucker can afford them. Also, they originally come from Girvan and that ties into Turnberry and Trump).

I honestly believe that all our councillors should join that online suicide site. All politicians want to be hip with the kids. So let them listen to some EMO music and fucking kill themselves.

All that being said, we are the home of Burns. Our fire station is also shite. Local authority cuts again.

Our local authority has also just launched, ‘Tam Fest’ and ‘Day O’ The Deid’. To be very truthful, I really don’t know what this entails. We always have ‘June O’ The Junky’, ‘July O’ The Jakey’ and ‘Week O’ The Wasted’ so I suppose that ‘Day O’ The Deid’ is a yearly celebration of all of those.

I think they do it for Halloween. Halloween is a time for horror. Unfortunately the most horrific thing is how commercialised it has all become. There are no scary stories read beside a fire anymore, there are just enthusiastic parents being wacky. But their ability to make me want to kill them is the scariest thing of all.

So away from fads and commercialism and onto our stories. We only had one newbie this week as well as three established authors and me.

Our subjects were relationship heavy. We had the bond between a grandfather and his grandson, a meeting with Hemingway, an age difference, a misguided confrontation and pretentious food.

As always our initial comments follow.

We started the week on Monday with ‘Testing The Water‘ by Fred Vogel

‘I would like this to be based on some sort of truth and if it isn’t, it made me think it was!’

‘It really evoked memories of Havana for me.’

‘I like that it’s a bit different.’


Tom Sheehan is getting closer to his fiftieth story for us. He was next up on Tuesday with ‘Braelin Cordelis


‘I think there was a bit of mystique with this regarding the listening and the bond with the grandfather and grandson.’

‘This sort of connection is magical.’


The back-breaker of the week is Wednesday and it still was. Our only new writer, Evan J Masey had his short, ‘Washing In The Adige‘ showcased. We welcome him and hope that he has a long association with us.

‘This demonstrates beautifully the last attempt to find something beautiful to take into old age.’

‘Perfectly observed and well crafted.’

‘Truly captivating.’


On Thursday it was my turn with ‘A Matter Of Taste‘.

This all started with one line. And that line was censored to beyond the ‘Read More’ tag!

This began as a much shorter piece but my fellow editors suggested that I added to it. I enjoyed working on it. Their suggestion worked but I think it still kept the punch that I set out to achieve.

As always, I would like to say what a pleasure it is to have my stories published besides all our excellent authors, I am very privileged. And my usual thanks to my fellow editors for all their help and support.


To finish off the week, we had a guy who is running at 100% – No pressure there! ‘Authentic‘ by David Lohrey was his third story out of three submissions.

‘The wry humour had me hooked.’

‘This made me smile straight away.’

‘This is deeper than first thought, I loved it.’


That’s us for another week.

I have missed Tam Fest so will need to look forward to the next wonderful celebration from South Ayrshire Council. I think that will be the switching on of the Christmas light. (Edit note – No plural needed, the decoration is honestly that crap) It is across the street and parallel to the tree. Tree is maybe a bit of an exaggeration. We are on the coast and there is a lot of drift wood and recycling is a huge part within South Ayrshire. It is amazing the colours that you can get from a used condom and tampon when the light is shone on them. Our councillors give the community so much!



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6 thoughts on “Week 148 – GMT, Halloween And Who To Blame For Everything.

  1. I cringe whenever politicians attempt “connecting with the youngsters.” I imagine Bill Clinton bringing beer to a sorority house. I can’t imagine Churchill or Roosevelt chilling with Eminem, but I can see Margaret Thatcher telling The Donald that she’ll slap his ass around and he’ll like it he knows what’s good for him.


    • Hi Leila,
      If it was a choice between Trump or Thatcher…Well that could be a cracking debate!
      I have a special hatred for Thatcher as I consider myself a causality of ‘Maggie’s Millions’. There were around four million people unemployed in 1983 so I took the first job I was offered as I wasn’t sure if I would get the chance of anything else. That was the start of 34 years of the pish that I am in! She (If that was what it was) decimated Scotland. The workforce was reduced by around 22% in five years of its term.
      And in a literal point of view, it referred to itself as ‘we’ and that should be a stoning offence.
      It is said that politics and religion should never be discussed but fuck knows why as it gets the blood fair pumping!!
      Oh and I don’t know if you are aware of the scandal(s) regarding Westminster (There is an ongoing child abuse investigation (??) that is criminally / disgustingly quiet) and there is the treatment of women issues.
      Trump is maybe a tit but none of us this side of the pond can say anything with what we have elected past and present.

      Thanks Leila, you gave me an excuse to rant maybe just a wee bit!

      All the very best.


      • From any distance it is impossible to imagine some people having sex without clawing out your mind’s eye like that classic mo-fo Oedipus. Thatcher and Trump have that effect on me. Maybe he’ll puta hand on her wazoo in hell, by and by.


    • Hi Dave,
      So were the residents called ‘Normals’??
      There must be story there regarding a deviant from ‘Normal’

      Thanks as always, your comments make my day!
      All the very best my friend.


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