Week 138 – Peas, Classification And Funny Tasting Orange Juice.

Yet again I start with our wishes going to innocents caught up in madness!

Barcelona has become another victim of a sickness we are struggling to cure or even cope with.

Here we are folks, doesn’t time fly when, well when you are reading this nonsense!! We are now at week 138.

This weeks inspiration has been inspired by me looking forward to something. Normally it is the cold darkness of death, but that can wait for now as I have had a reasonably good week. I had peas with ‘hunners’ of vinegar and pepper for the first time in a very long while and they were delicious. I think that says more about my life than any Samuel Peeps length diary entry!!

I also burnt off my fingerprints at my work so my upcoming heist has another piece of the jigsaw completed. Oh I didn’t mean to, I may be a bit sick but I’m not deranged. I just had a few arguments with an oven and my fingertips lost.

Anyway, I do like a film. And I am looking forward to the release of the remake of ‘It’. However I think I saw that the classification is going to be ’12’. This may be a problem as I don’t want to sit in a Picture House and listen to a bunch of pubescents text noisily whilst saying the word ‘like’, climbing over seats looking for a Pokythingygo! I get a wee bit annoyed and am prone to some mild violence.

The classification is a problem. They have done it with ‘Batman’, ‘Terminator’, ‘Rambo’, the remake of ‘Total Recall’ and the remake of ‘Robocop’. They watered down the content simply to be able to sell shit to those wee fuckers with the phones!!

I mean, what is the point of a Bobble-Head? And don’t get me started on the insensitive fuck who thought it was great idea to market a ‘Teen Wolf’ one!!!

I hate children and have never believed that they are our future, more our downfall. If they continue to listen to the twats that some of them are listening to, what chance do we have?

Bieber is a little fud who has no respect for the numpties who made him famous. So I suppose all in all they deserve each other.

The wee religious fuckers are just as bad. They go to bible camp. That is fair enough but there is no point in encouraging them to drink the orange juice cause there is fuck all in it and they all come home.

Us in Scotland would never have that problem. This has nothing to do with us being religious. No matter if we are ‘Blue’ or ‘Kicking with the left fit’, we would never succumb to a cult that gave you fruit juice. (I had to change it from ‘Orange’ as there may have been an argument for that from one side of Glasgow!)

We don’t have cults, we have rounds and that is as close to our hearts as any cult! Buy us a ‘Thunderbird’ and we will kill for you!!

(Best cult film I have seen, apart from anything starring Tom Cruise was ‘Prophet Of Evil’ with Brian Dennehy as Ervil LeBaron)


Onto this weeks stories and we had another two new writers for you. We are all so happy and proud that we continue to tempt authors onto the site.

Our topics included a grandmother, a hitman, souls, an unfortunate infatuation and an alternative reality. As always, our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had the wonderfully quirky Nxy Bean with her fourth story for us. Nyx started off the week with ‘Forbidden Voice

‘The build up regarding his social awkwardness was very believable.’

‘I was enthralled by this.’

‘The atmosphere was spot on.’


We haven’t seen Mitch Toews for a wee while so it was a pleasure to publish his sixth story which was very personal to him. ‘So Are They All’ was next up on on Tuesday.

‘A gentle story that is reflective of a different time.’

‘Great scene setting.’

‘The time seemed relevant and the grandmother was a wonderful character.’


On Wednesday we had our first new writer of the week.

As always we welcome them both to Literally Stories, we hope that they enjoy the site and we also ask them to send us more of their work.

Scott Summer followed Mitch with ‘The Suit

‘This story doesn’t waste a word.’

‘The quickness of the end emphasised the act.’

‘Scott painted the scene and constructed the character quickly and smoothly.’


We had another fourth timer up on Thursday. Fred Skolnik added to his very interesting back-catalogue with ‘This Is the way The World Ends.’

‘This drew me in.’

‘I loved the line, ‘I didn’t know which of us was left in my dream.’


That brought us to the end of the week with another new writer. ‘Third Closest To The Sun’ was our first from Thomas Wadsworth.

‘All is good!!’

‘There have been a few times that I have been jealous of an idea and this is one!’

‘This was an absolute cracker of a story!’

That’s us for another week once again.

I am contemplating forgetting about ‘It’ and just moan about it when I see it on DVD. And I will throw a tantrum if I see any keyrings or sipping cups!

I may go and see a re-showing of ‘the Exorcist’ not for any particular reason except that it is an ’18’ and all I will need to deal with is the weirdos in the back rows masturbating!!!



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5 thoughts on “Week 138 – Peas, Classification And Funny Tasting Orange Juice.

  1. Been quite ill with a chronic condition this week. Cannot intelligently comment on this week’s work, but I’m glad it’s there. Heard someone rag on liberal arts; I told the corporate blowboy that without arts we’re just another species breeding. I guess the world will someday finish killing itself. Here’s to poverty won on your feet over riches attained on your knees.


  2. You’re very kind. I must clarify: Not dying. In fact nearly everyone in my family with this thing sees 90. I mean smart, non-communicable afflictions never kill the host. Only the stupid diseases do that. Mine is well read and has an amazing vocabulary. It even quoted a once famous poem by H. Mearns:
    Last night upon the stair
    A little man who wasn’t there
    He wasn’t there again today
    I wish he’d go away


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