Week 124 – Maturity, Lubricant And Adult Babies

Well here we are at Week 124, which followed our highly successful Week 123!

My inspiration for this post actually came from one of my fellow authors. No we were not having a heated debate about anything Literally related. Tobias mentioned growing up this week and that got me thinking whether or not I considered myself as a grown up.

My advancing years suggest that I am. My childish humour, pettiness and hating most things begs to differ.

I wondered if this had anything to do with not being embarrassed about certain things. Purchases to be more specific.

As a male you consider the first time that you are able to buy tampons for your partner without flinching, but that didn’t apply to me as I have been a very successful arsonist for years.

And talking about inserting or covering, no guy would ever be worried about purchasing condoms. Hell we used to buy them just in case or to pretend someone was actually willing to have sex with us.

Things like sex aids, well you may be a bit uncomfortable, that would be when you needed to buy more lubricant so relief outweighed any embarrassment.

The point is if you want or need something you will buy them and sod the red face.

Wearing things can also show a maturity but maybe a Barry Manilow T-Shirt, a Trump For President Cap is not necessarily showing what you would want others to know, so you hide and are therefore still a child.

Music is something that I pride myself on being adult about as I don’t care what anyone thinks of my choices, so that shows I’m a grown up. But I’m not that mature, if I happened to like Bieber or that West guy I would tell no-one and cut off my ears with bottle tops.

There are other things that you really shouldn’t admit to no matter how grown up you are. Being a politician or being an adult baby are examples. These admissions should be kept to yourself. And actually they are both very similar. Adult babies are freaks who like to lie covered in their own shit and Politicians are freaks who like to lie and cover their own shit. And they both like to play with other children.

Books are another thing that point to you being an adult. But again, I can never use this as any form of reasoning. I still enjoy Kettle and Christine’s Beau Peep cartoon books. (Seek them out, some of the humour is superb!) Most people believe when they enjoy the classics they have grown. I don’t think that they have grown, they have only learnt to bore others and lie convincingly!

That has brought me nicely round to our stories!!

This week we had barbers, beasties, depression, learning and an elderly priest. Two new writers graced our site as well as three old friends.

As always our initial comments follow.

On Monday our first new author Ateret Haselkorn had her story ‘Fly Love‘ published. We welcome both our newbies and hope they enjoy being one of us but not in a cult like situation!

‘Not really romance more introspection.’

‘Well written, intelligent and amusing.’

‘There are some very clever observations and lines in this.’

On Tuesday we had a third time published author. The gentleman that is Bruce Levine was next up with ‘The Precipitous Writing Career Of Evelyn Jones‘.

‘This appealed to me having watched Arwen’s approach to problem solving since the day she was born.’

‘I like the thought of the kid learning from the cat.’

‘Relateable and appealing.’

The multi-talented Adam Kluger followed on Wednesday with ‘Perroni’s

‘I was smiling as I read this.’

‘A simple scene and a wonderful character. No-one does this type of story better.’

‘This has a lovely atmosphere.’

Another regular writer was published on Thursday. Leila Allison had her short ‘Nor Help For Pain’ as our penultimate of the week.


‘Depression is the bed-mate of loneliness and this emphasised this thought.’

Sad, desperate, almost frightening in the darkness of it.’

And last but not least was our second new writer. Betsy Woods finished off the week with ‘Volume Of Monk.‘ on Friday.

‘Description isn’t my thing but this was a very skilled exception.’

‘This was quite beautiful.’

‘Betsy writes superbly well.’


That’s us rounded up for another week. We have next week coming very soon, maybe around seven days time!

Oh, I nearly forgot!

Maybe being a grown up is realising that you will go off topic and return! Then again, that could just be the onset of senility!

I believe that there is one thing that you have to be able to do which proves you are a grown up. It is when you care about who matters to you more than how much you matter to yourself.



Banner Image: Pixabay.com

4 thoughts on “Week 124 – Maturity, Lubricant And Adult Babies

  1. Growing up happens the day a person knocks back his or her fifth shot, then considers every bad thing that has come from similar situations in the past, yet says “Fuck it, I’m grown up enough to make bail” and orders a sixth without further hesitation.


    • You know when you are grown up when you have your name, DOB and blood group tattooed on the back of your neck! You can then proceed from the sixth drink onwards.
      Thanks as always!


    • Thanks so much Dave.
      I don’t often do kind, so maybe that is why it stands out!
      Thanks as always for your continual interest.
      All the very best my friend.


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