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Maisonette by Hugh Cron – Warning Strong language and Adult content.

Life has hammered me.

I take another drink and lean over my balcony.

Balcony, that’s a fuckin’ laugh, it’s the breadth of my two feet and the stink from that clatty bastard two doors down makes me gag. They’ve a wee Jack Russell that they allow to shit on the balcony instead of taking him a walk. The wee soul needs to climb up a shit mountain to take another shit. When he’s having a crap I can look him in the fucking eyes.

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Quantum Hamsters and Other Pet Anomalies by Hermine Robinson


It was my wife, Esme, who suggested we get a pet for our children. “It will teach them responsibility,” she said.

“Sounds good,” I replied. However, I was not actually paying attention when she brought up the subject because I was going over my notes for a lecture on string theory. So, it came as a complete surprise when Esme and the twins arrived home from the pet store with a ferret.

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