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The Outback (a novel excerpt) by James Hanna

Author’s Note

The Dreamtime, a series of Aboriginal legends, celebrates shapeshifting giants that once roamed Australia.  The giants forged paths—songlines—which marked the mountains, the rivers, the stars.  Their spirits still linger today. Continue reading “The Outback (a novel excerpt) by James Hanna”

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A Soldier’s Crusade by Tom Sheehan

The cowman Oliver Weddle sat his horse on a small hillock, looking out over his ranch, the grass running off to the hills, Texas itself stiffening his backbone as it always had. He tried again to count the help he’d need to get the ranch back in prime order after his return from the war, wishing that some of his command had come along with him when he separated from the service. They were good soldiers, good riders, and courageous and loyal to the duties; but had their own visions of search. Three foremen in a row had failed him and their mission, one or two of them he suspected had complicated issues on purpose. So glaring were the failures that they cost him a good deal of his money. Now he was contemplating what would happen if he did not get a good man for the job.

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The Craterville Catastrophe by Tom Sheehan


Craterville came up like the rock came down, in one helluva hurry. When the dust cleared, there was a town where the hole used to be, and a hundred or more shafts were slicing down into the earth. After six men were shot, five of them bushwhacked, one surprising a thief deep in his digs, the saloon owner, Harry Wilkes, called a meeting of town businessmen. Wilkes once was a conductor who got off his train one day outside Omaha and never got back on.

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