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Gina And Gary by Hugh Cron – Warning Adult Content.

In her mind she kept repeating, ‘It’s something to share, it’s something to share…’

Gina didn’t let the whisper of guilt niggle at her. She’d been thinking on this for a few years but her conscience screamed, not any more.

Why shouldn’t she have something to share with Gary? She was sure that she could remember him telling her stories of his pals and their families doing things together. Why couldn’t she have that? And he’d asked. He’d asked since he was young. But at that time, she was selfish, she didn’t want to share no matter how curious he was.

Now was different. She could cope and he was old enough.

He’d be home soon. She either had to wait for him or put it off for another day. She was itching to put it off. She swallowed a few blues to tide her over.

She knew that Ernest could use him. He was always on the hunt for new faces. He would look kindly on Gina and that would be beneficial in the long run. Doing what was best for her future wasn’t something that she was normally able to do, but this, well maybe. Her and Gary would have something to share and she’d be on good terms with Ernest. It was a win win.

She knew that this would keep Gary out of trouble. It would keep him with her. She smiled as she thought about doing the right thing. She could still hear the whisper, but they’d softened.

Gina considered the boy being curious. She was trying to take her mind off the itching and the pull and the need. He was going to do it anyway. She could keep him safe. She’d watch him, monitor him. No-one would look after him like she could.

But would she be able to function on half if she gave him half? Well he was just starting, she’d cut it right back for him…She’d manage, she could take some more Blues.

She couldn’t do what Ellie did. That was disgusting. As soon as the boy hit sixteen she was controlling him with a wank then a hit. Gina loved Gary too much to touch his cock.

She began to smile, she knew what she had to do. If she called Ernest and told him, she would be able to get some credit. She’d have plenty and Gary could start working with him tomorrow instead of school. By tomorrow, he’d want to.

She opened her bag and looked at her kit. She looked at the time. Fifteen minutes before Gary was due home. She knew she could wait.

Gina zipped up the bag and lit a fag. She picked up the phone and dialled Ernest’s number.

Hugh Cron


10 thoughts on “Gina And Gary by Hugh Cron – Warning Adult Content.”

  1. This is sad but very common with addiction. Gina’s win win would probably unleash the gates of hell for Gary but a hellish world they could share nonetheless – even though she’d known him since his youth, her unrealistic thoughts of safeguarding him may have stemmed from guilt since she’d be sort of using him and knew she’d also gain long-term favor with Ernest. And though Gary was curious, their relationship was probably on a fast track to destruction, in one way or another. Great story Hugh!


    1. Hi Willie,
      Thanks so much for the kind comments.
      It’s great to see you around the site.
      I learned a long time ago that depending who you are involving yourself with, there are no such things as coincidences and a good turn is not always that but it does always come with consequence.
      All the very best my friend.


  2. One of your great abilities is that you always find something new to say about this kind of subject. Gina’s POV comes in at an odd angle, which allows the reader to see something more than what might be expected.


    1. Thanks so much Leila.
      If you think too much about outcome from this type of story it will come across as contrived. You just need to find the mindset and go with the flow.
      Thanks again, you help make all this worthwhile!


    1. Hi David,
      Thanks so much for your kind comments.
      I am not good with description of set-up so with most of my stories, I try to to give a voyeuristic feel to them. I am hoping that it is as if the reader is only seeing that specific time with that specific reasoning. They can make up their own minds about anything deeper.
      All the very best my friend.


  3. I like the opening… Gina’s kind of wrestling with whatever conscience she has. That’s blackly funny how she justifies her decision, which seems to me what the story is about. It’s selfish not to share. In the end, Gary can make up his own mind, sounds like he’s into it, but he’d find it anyway given enough time and knowledge. People on the street I used to live in would call me over to their cars and offer free “up.” Ha ha, now I sound like Gina!


    1. Hi Harrison,
      Thanks as always. I enjoy reading your take on my stories.
      The one thing that I could never get my head around was a parent jagging their kid. Normally folk with any addiction are happy to talk (Well, maybe apart from the gamblers – Weird that!) but I never had many admitting to getting their kid started. This revelation always came from elsewheres. Over the years I’ve tried to think on the reasoning for this and the story is what I came up with.
      It was the same when you worked with someone who wouldn’t mention what they were in jail for, you knew that they were either a beast or a granny basher. All the rest wanted to tell you about there thieving or assaults. Actually now that I think on it, the murderers kept themselves pretty quiet.
      It is so strange but the folks that did the worst crimes were the ones that we had little trouble with. The young NED twats were the ones that caused most trouble.
      Anyhow – Thanks again!


    1. Hi Ed,
      It’s great to see you back around the site.
      Thanks so much for you taking the time to read and comment – It is much appreciated!
      All the very best my friend,


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