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Week 257 – Misplaced Logic, Motivation And A Meltdown.

Well here we are at Week 257.

There’s been many a time when we’ve commented on an unsuccessful submission and stated that there was no emotion. Or that the emotion wasn’t strong enough. We’ve never once stated that the emotion was too over the top.

That realisation gave me the idea for today’s posting.

I haven’t submitted a manuscript for many a year but I did last August. I hadn’t heard anything back and knew that it was a refusal. I just received an email on Saturday. I was right!

Even though you expect it, there is always that wee bit of hope. Until you get that notification, anything is possible.

Fuck, I’m still hoping for a few acceptances from 1997. I don’t want to check if those publishing firms are still there, that would be tempting fate.

I’ve quoted the great ‘Jimmy Nail’ in the third series of ‘Auf Wiedersehen Pet’ on many occasions and it is the truest observation I’ve ever heard:

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.

By fuck have I got a lot of experience!!

Maybe if it was only to do with writing I’d be a happier person.

It’s not so…Probably not!

The other quote and I can’t remember who said it goes:

It’s not what you want in life, it’s what you are willing to do to get what you want in life.

Very wise words in deed. But if you can say that you have tried as much as you are able and fuck all happens, you want to take that person’s wisdom and shove it up their arse.

Do self help quotes or those philosophical musings make anyone feel any better?

The problem with them is most of them are advising with hind-sight and time. But if someone quotes them when your emotions are raw, they really don’t help.

Raw emotion can only be helped by four things:





All of them if you are having a really bad day.


When we receive stories that are emotional the emotion needs to be realistic. We read so many where the MC is able to analyse, reminisce and have a logic to their actions.

In real life this rarely happens, we become basket cases. We rant, we rave, we swig out the whisky bottle, we punch walls, we wail. Or worse, we suppress and seethe. Coincidentally, all of those were a part of last Saturday morning for me.

The same sort of issues can happen when the MC is very drunk, ‘oot their tits’ or ‘rattling’. Logic goes.

Let’s take alcohol as an example, you can’t write:

“I had just finished my third bottle of whisky and sat down and contemplated what was making me abuse alcohol. After much contemplation and soul searching, I realised it was mother. I could remember a time…’

It would be more like: ‘Bastards!!! Fuck!!! I love my carpet!! Kebab…What’s my fucking name again? Fuck them all, I’ll kill them! I’ve got a great idea…I’m going to pish in the electric fire’

Some writers don’t want to visit that darkness when they’re writing. Depending on them as a person, that may be understandable for so many reasons. But you should only write what you are completely comfortable doing. Pure emotion follows no rules, but there is a truth in it which is quite feral. If you can’t commit, then find another story.

Okay onto this weeks offerings.

We had two new writers, one third timer and two of our most industrious contributors.

Our topics this week include; Consciousness, a river, death, awakening and Hemingway.

As always our initial comments follow.

John McLaughlan was first up.

He had graced the site on two previous occasions.

‘Maleware’ was his third story for us.

‘Some clever ideas here.’

‘The pace and style are a bit different and they enhance the story.’

‘This makes you consider that there will always be violence with us.’

And the legend rolls on!

Tom Sheehan continues to send us beautifully written stories. This was an excellent example.

‘Sagus, At Odd Hours, Odd Times’ was our story on Tuesday.

‘Very on topic at this time.’

‘Lovely lyrical writing.’

‘This shows the love and respect Tom has.’


Chella Courington was our first new writer of the week.

We welcome her and hope that she has fun on the site.

‘For Thee’ broke the back of the week.

‘This was well done, I like the style.’

‘The ending was satisfyingly vague.’

‘The editing was sharp. The story was delivered with skill.’


And our next new writer was published on Thursday.

We extend the same welcome to Margaret LaFleur and hope that both of them continue to send us their work. ‘This Death’ was her first story for us.


‘I liked the idea of different deaths.’

‘This felt hopeful and comforting.’

‘Lovely writing – The Images are beautiful.’


And another legend on Friday!

The enigmatic lady herself graced the site once again.

Leila Allison finished off the week with a title that is more inventive than all my stories put together!

‘The Authoress And The Candlehuft: A Feeble Fable Of The Fantasmagorical By Renfield Stoker-Belle’ finished off the week.

‘How can a story about lighting a cigarette make you grin all the way through?’

‘Leila takes an idea and an offshoot and attaches them to something everyday and changes it all into a sort of modern day fantasy using a character from a recognisable problem!!’

‘We need to think of a unique genre for these stories from Leila!’


Well that’s us once again folks.

Usual reminders, please keep commenting. Come on shy folks, lets hear (Read) your voice!!

And we haven’t had another contributor for the Sunday Re-Run for quite a long time. Leila is still holding down the fort but why not give her some company. All you need to do is pick an older story that you’ve enjoyed and write a spiel or an introduction. Throw in a couple of questions for the author and we will post what you send us.

Just a couple of things to finish off.

I wondered if I could find any depressing motivational quotes as I thought this was a cracking contradiction in terms. I liked this one:


Effort without talent is a depressing situation…but talent without effort is a tragedy.

(Mike Ditka)


I would tweak that slightly:


Success without talent and effort is a depressing situation…but failure with talent and effort is a tragedy.


That’s for all the writers on this site that I truly believe should have the recognition they deserve.


And lastly, I found this one regarding emotion:

One thing you can’t hide is when you are crippled inside.

(John Lennon)


I wonder if he meant hiding from yourself??



Image – Hah!! – Pile of pish motivational quote – It’s well seen it’s not Diane typing this!!

10 thoughts on “Week 257 – Misplaced Logic, Motivation And A Meltdown.”

  1. You made me smile Hugh and right now that’s quite a victory. Sorry I bailed this week. What approaches normality will return inabit I promise. Xx


    1. Hi Leila,
      Homer is a legend.
      All I can come up with, I preach to my niece as she is working her way through her employment options and asking for advice:
      ‘It doesn’t matter as everything turns to shit!’

      Thanks as always Leila, your comments fair cheer me up!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Diane,
    No problem what-so-ever.
    ‘Normal’ is a terrible word but normality is the comfort blanket we sometimes need.


  3. Hi Hugh et all,
    Haven’t written anything in ages. I think the muse has disappeared. I love the anger you put down so easily. I find anger in myself now leads only to illness and regret. One day soon my writing spirit may reappear. Keep strong and remain firm in your opinions.


    1. Hi Des,
      Great to hear from you.
      Don’t worry, The Muse won’t have disappeared, she’s probably just on holiday!
      Regarding anger – Well, I reckon it’s one of our truest emotions. The others we can hide or manipulate but when you go off on one, there is no stopping it.
      Hope The Muse returns home with a straw donkey for you (Remember those days) and you have more for us soon.
      All the very best my friend.


  4. I had my WTF (World Trade Federation for those not up on acronyms) when I had an acceptance after 1285 days, but no response since 1997? I think that is why Duotrope has “Never Responded” to make we losers feel better.

    You have one thing right about emotions (maybe more, I don’t know much). I’m a stone faced bozo guy person, so I have no idea what they are like other than that they are bad, so can’t describe them.

    And yes, the Simpsons writers are brilliant. Also “Beer, the cause of and solution to all of our problems”.


    1. Hi Doug,
      Thanks for the comments.
      I can relate to the stone face. When Gwen describes me to anyone she says, ‘The big crabbit looking one with the beard. Maybe she should mention bald but the sad thing is they recognise me from her short description.
      There are so many Homerisms, I liked the one where an advert asked if he was on his fourth beer of a morning and he asks, ‘Does whisky count as beer?’
      It’s great to see you around commenting.
      Hope you are happy and well!!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Experienced usually translates to losing…a lot. And through those losses, hopefully you take things less seriously. That’s how I look at it. Another loss? Hahahahaha. Who gives a shit? Pass the bottle. I’ll try again, fate, just to smite you.


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