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Literally Reruns – Rounds by Hugh Cron

Leila Allison is indefatigable in her search for suggested re-runs and she has chosen a story by our editor Hugh for this week. This is what she said:

Dorothy Parker believed that it is a writer’s job to accurately describe the world the writer lives in. Hugh Cron does this as well as anybody. Some people get hung up on Mr. Cron’s use of profanity; others are troubled by the preponderance of malevolent knuckle-draggers and losers and abusers and predators and the passive victims who populate his stories. These people get it, but only half way. These people do not want to acknowledge that the world in which they live is mean and violent and just plain smells bad more often than it doesn’t. These people just whine about the usage of fuck taking place as a noun, pronoun, adverb, adjective, preposition, interjection, verb and even as a conjunction. These people aren’t listening. Myself, I can’t go ten minutes without hearing worse, and I take its presence as I do gravity and oxygen.

Rounds isn’t all that heavy with “dirty words,” but it effectively describes a greater profanity. Nobody wants to think about the necessary hell that Cron accurately describes in this story; but we ought to, even if we do so just once. And there is no better guide into the shadows at LS than the redoubtable Mr. C.

Leila Allison



Question to the author:

Hugh – Does Gwen read your stuff first? If so, does she make suggestions, and do you need them?

(for those in doubt Gwen is Hugh’s wife.)


-Thanks for suggesting the story Leila, I am honoured.

In answer to your question:

Initially, Gwen is the only person,  from those closest to me, who ever sees my work. I’ve never been one to show  family or friends any of my stories, I don’t even know if they read them.

I normally ask Gwen to have a look for  typos etc and I always value her opinion and suggestions. I’m happy to act on anything she’s picked up on.

It’s weird but I have a stronger accent than Gwen but she can write colloquially a lot better than me, so if my story has slang in it, she helps me a lot with that.

I can never surprise her with any content or outlook because she normally knows immediately where I am going with anything!  If I do surprise her, then I am probably not being true to myself!!!




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