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Week 228 – Shite Vampires, Brilliant Vampires And For All Politicians To Be ‘Finger Lickin’ Good!’

This is it guys, the big 228. It doesn’t mean much but I thought I would build it up!

I was inspired by Leila who commented on last Saturday’s posting.

I adore Vampire stories but hate what they have become, so I thought I would write about some of the best – Well, to me anyway!

I know for a fact that Diane will be cursing me as she hates Vampires. I think it was due to the time that a naked Christopher Lee trod on her head when she was spelunking in Transylvania.

There are some superb stories and films and they must never be confused with the teenage angst shite that we are now drowning in. No writer or film maker should think that using a young moody cast with long stares at the ground and a conscience makes an acceptable Vampire film.

The best group of characters I’ve seen in films are Severen, Jessie, Diamondback and Homer all from ‘Near Dark’. The bar scene is one of the best ever! Four violent killers who never consider anyone else’s feelings.

The next of the undead I would like to point out is in a film which has been adapted from a book. Salems Lot is beautifully eerie. ‘The Master’ is an absolute belter of a Vampire. No romance, no dialogue just an ugly bastard who wants to feed. We never get to find out if he has a sensitive side. Oh and a floating Ralphie Glick doesn’t care about his social status or the length of his nails!

Lestat and Armand in the Anne Rice books are characters well worth a read. (I also think they are cracking names for cats. All Vampire names are cat suitable and cat approved.)

I don’t think either went to a School For Vampires and had any jolly japes. They were too busy doing exactly what and who they wanted.

I would also suggest the Vampire ‘Cassidy’ in the comic book and then adapted into the series ‘Preacher’. (Very weird but if you stick with it – It’s brilliant!)

Cassidy is a loyal friend you would love to have and his lifestyle would surely be the envy of anyone. He’s not so much an addict but by fuck does he enjoy excess.

I could argue that these books are written for our teenage mutants but I think they are for the older virgin who has accepted that they will never find love so we can’t grudge them some character. And fair play to the writer for coming up with such a brilliant Vampire.

There’s a book called ‘Live Girls’ and it was probably one of the first that was written with the Vampires point of view being explored. It was the original of that ilk.

And when I say Vampires point of view I don’t mean any worries on Acne, acceptance, or love triangles involving their BFF.

The best actor playing an actor playing a Vampire has to be Martin Landau as Bella Lugosi in ‘Ed Wood’. His shouting of ‘Karloff iz za cock sucker!!’ is worth watching the film for that alone.

No teenager would ever watch this because it’s filmed in black and white, they wouldn’t know any of the references and it’s brilliant.

So to the likes of Diane and all of you have fallen out of love with the Vampire, give those books and films another go.

OK, onto this week’s stories.

We had three new writers, one on his third story and an old friend who is now on number thirteen.

Our topics include; being publicly friendly with yourself, cutting back, a journey, memories and a family.

As always our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had our first new writer.

We welcome Daniel Newcomer. He began the week with ‘Awaken The Forest Gods Of Torn Jaw.

‘This reads like a journey to The Land Of The Dead, Hell or a walk along a Purgatory Road until your destination is decided.’

‘Wonderful imaginative writing with a great tone.’

‘Horrific and beautiful, all in one.’


James Hanna has been around the site for quite a while. He has had twelve stories published.

Busting Willie Sherman‘ was his thirteenth.

‘I enjoyed the section on the Police practising.’

‘Where is the line drawn from acceptable perving to escalating?’

‘The wife of the Policeman balanced this section beautifully.’


On Wednesday, we had our second new author. We extend the same welcome to Ociarna Davy.

The Lord Has Remembered‘ was next up.

‘The ending was left up to the reader. It was quite a powerful question.’

‘Gripping and intense.’

‘It felt like Greek Mythology in present day.’


Our last new writer was Penny Faircloth. His story ‘The Novella Of Jason Bendix‘ was Thursday’s offering.

We hope that all our new writers have fun on the site and continue to send us their work.

‘This may be seen as too much of a writer’s story but it’s really about compulsion and never being satisfied.’

‘Well written. The flow and pace was excellent.’

‘This shows the path from compulsion to fixation to addiction to madness.’


And we finished with Marco Etheridge. This was his third story for us.

Ghost Hats‘ was last up on Friday.’

‘Marco can really paint a picture of a place.’

‘This was atmospheric and haunting.’

‘Well done and interesting.’


That’s us wrapped up for another week.

So the usual reminders.

Keep those comments coming. We need them to keep the site breathing.

And pick an old favourite and write a spiel on what it means to you or give us a simple introduction and we will publish all you say on our Sunday Re-Run spot.

I’m just finishing this off and I’ve just heard the news that Mr Trump is launching his campaign. We also have the race for our new Prime Minister. (It’s a very fucking slow race!) Once they are chosen we then have Brexit pish up until October and then we will have them all arguing about what wasn’t decided but should have been.

So folks, it is relentless. We are drowning in having to listen to knobs who look less than human and who have no grasp of realistic humanity.

I think one of Leila’s stories mentions an idea about ‘Say Nothing Thursdays’. I think that would be a cracking idea for politicians. Please have them shut up for even just one day. It’s either that or release all the vampires I have spoken about and let them rip their bastard throats out.



Image by Peter Stanic from Pixabay  – Just in case any of Hugh’s mates decide to take his flattery to heart and make an appearance – 🙂 dd


10 thoughts on “Week 228 – Shite Vampires, Brilliant Vampires And For All Politicians To Be ‘Finger Lickin’ Good!’”

  1. Christopher Lee favorite vampire. He appeared in over 400 fims and had maybe 300 lines until he played a wizard. Now there’s an idea: Vampire Wizard of Oz. Cast Ghosts of Hazel Court, Lee, Peter Cushing and the usual Hammer ghouls. A billion bucks, until sued by f@#$+&g Ghost of L Frank Baum.


      1. Hi Doug,
        I used to have a load of black and white prints of older film stars and they were a stunning body of people.
        And the exceptions all had character!!


    1. Thanks as always Leila.
      I love Hammer House Of Horror and grew up with the films. I loved the compilations; ‘Vault Of Horror’, ‘Tales From The Crypt’ and ‘From Beyond The Grave’ – I still watch them every now and again.
      One wee story about Peter Cushing. He managed to have a rose named after his wife who had passed away. He was a lovely gentleman and it was touching to watch him have this done. But he couldn’t escape his dalliance with horror – This was arranged by Jimmy Saville in his ‘Jim’ll Fix It’ show.


    1. Hi Dave,
      I have got that book somewhere and keep meaning to read it. It was Adam West who advised me that the swimming pool scene was a belter!
      Thanks as always for your continual support of the site!
      All the very best my friend.


    1. Hi Leila,
      It’s fun looking for look-a-likes. I’ve been trying to spot anyone human who looks like our royal family.
      No joy.


  2. Not quite a serious vampire movie, but I thought “What We Do in the Shadows,” was great fun. How can you not like a movie that starts with a flying vampire vacuuming ?


    1. Hi Ed,
      It was a travesty that Petyr was killed! (He looked like ‘The Master’)
      Thanks for you taking the time to comment. It is much appreciated!
      All the very best my friend.


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