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Literally Reruns – Dead Man’s Hand by Gina Yates

Leila has presented us with another excellent Rerun submission, this time from the pen (well keyboard one suspects) of Gina Yates – this is what she said.

A recent post by Ms. Yates reminded me of this tidy little gem that appeared last year. There is much to admire in Dead Man’s Hand, for it is as tense and energetic as a roiling sky about to let hell loose on the world below. It keeps you on the edge always expecting that thing to come, only realizing later that it was already happening all along. Without divulging too much, Dead Man’s Hand is all about perceptions, and how they differ at various angles. No view is completely wrong, yet none are absolutely right. The MC, Nadine, has both an objective and artistically subjective eye, which she’s able to apply at the same time. This gives her thoughts depth, even when contradictory, thus making her a three-dimensional being.


Dead Man’s Hand

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – Dead Man’s Hand by Gina Yates”

  1. Hi Leila,
    Just reading your introduction makes me remember the story so clearly. You summed it up beautifully.


  2. Thanks so much, Leila, for your thoughtful commentary. To know one’s writing has stuck around in another person’s mind after they read it is one of the highest honors a fiction writer can aim for. 🙂


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