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Literally Reruns – A Shaggy Crow Story

Well now here’s a favourite – Leila has been hi-jacked by Nik’s wonderful character Stormcrow – I reckon he either sweet-talked her or knocked her over with a feather – anyway this is what she said.

I deliberately chose this piece to underscore the wonderful idea of merging the product of one writer’s imagination with the vision of another writer’s fancy. For whatever reason, other than in parody, the good scribes of yore were hesitant to do such, even though the fantastic universes of Oz, Narnia, Middle Earth and such were almost instantly iconic, well loved and open for exploration.

This sort of thing, however, can be dangerous if the wandering author enters a beloved land and leaves ugsome graffiti on the ancient and hallowed halls instead of establishing his or her own point of view.  A Shaggy Crow Story by Nik Eveleigh has its own point of view, sense of humor and a visa to Mordor. I am recommending that you go into the tale of Stormcrow the way I did, by reading this third installment first then backtracking to A Crow in a Storm. There’s something about the experience I believe to be similar to the brain rush one gets while sucking down one’s third Tequila Tommyknocker in the space of fifteen minutes.

The first paragraph in the aptly titled A Shaggy Crow Story has a wonderfully nasty way of making you want to blow your nose. The thing just plain messes with you. To which I ask, why read if you aren’t up to a challenge?

Leila Allison


A Shaggy Crow Story by Nik Eveleigh

3 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – A Shaggy Crow Story”

  1. Thanks Leila for allowing the miserable, feathery old sod to dig his way out of an abandoned (and likely waterlogged) LS basement. He looks a bit teary-eyed and sniffy about the whole thing but it could just be the dust. And thanks also to Mrs D for loyal Stormcrow support and services to all things Sunday re-run related!

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  2. I like all crows, fictional or otherwise. The other day I watched four of the fiends hunt a poor field mouse. Three flushed it out from a thatch of weeds, one was waiting for it.
    I interefered with Nature by throwing the bag of Fritos I keep in my pack for emergency purposes; the crows let the mouse go, for mousemeat is no match for the mighty corn chip. I hope Stormcrow won’t hold it against me.

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  3. Hi Leila,
    Your commentary is its usual brilliant self!
    Hang on.
    Should that be ‘Your commentary is your usual brilliant self’?
    Not sure!
    What the hell, you know what I mean!

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