The Carnassa Sea by R.C. Capasso

“It’s time to go down to the surface.”

Mayli turned her face against the cabin wall. “I’m too tired.”

Tama took a breath. “I know you are. But you’ll like the surface, and it’s an easy transport.”

Mayli swiveled her head back to reveal a pale face, too thin, too creased for such a young age. “Easy?”

Of course nothing was easy for Mayli. The encroaching paralysis brought pain with every movement. But that was the point, wasn’t it?

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Black Bear on White Paper by Desmond White

In the Archial, what some call the Little Light Library, it is always night. The distant ceiling is a night’s sky held by pillars, and connecting those pillars are shelves of books coated in leather and dust. The only light comes from lanterns. Inside steel cages, white fires flicker eternally, generated by a lost art. The lanterns are stars if anything. The lower one travels, the bluer those stars. Deep enough and there are no lights at all.

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The Boy and The Lake by Caden Stockwell

The lake was poison. It was a disease, its infectious purples and blacks seeping from the creek and onto the ground, flowing through the grass, withering it away and replacing its luscious greens and yellows with browns and oranges. The sun didn’t help. It was red, burning everything and only revealing the lumps of garbage that loftily drifted on the lake. That lake was horrible.

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