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Week 206 – Returning, Shitty Tinsel And A Lactating Dilema

Here we are at Week 206!

Like ‘Gremlins – The Next Batch’ – We’re back.

As in ‘Poltergeist’ – We’re here

And like ‘The Fly’ – If you send us Romance, I’ll ‘Be afraid, very afraid.’

I’ve been watching a few films lately, just to get the days in.

It was good to see the old site creak back into life on Monday.

I hope everyone had a brilliant time through the festivities and those who didn’t, well, fuck it! A shite life is still a shite life so it being draped in tinsel doesn’t really matter.

I tried to embrace some classic literature and dilute my uncouthness over the holiday and began to read Evelyn Waugh’s ‘Brideshead Revisited’. I was a bit disappointed. I thought this was a fruity novel about a second blowjob on a wedding night but it wasn’t so I gave up.

I did hear a cracking one liner from the beautiful Eddie Reader regarding a Scotsman. She stated that he loved his wife so much that he nearly told her.

And there is a columnist called Tam Cowan who told a story that he heard about a guy running through the centre of Glasgow with a cape on. He was asked if he was a Superhero and he applied:

‘Naw, I’ve just no paid for ma haircut.’

Those were the highlights of my holidays so I have thrown out the shit covered tinsel!

Even though we were not publishing, we were still working with a skeleton staff. Who says those Vegans don’t have a purpose in life?

Veronica The Vegan (That was the name on the birth certificate) has been an asset here at Literally Stories over the holidays. He worked very cheap. He even provided his own milk although he ethically argued with himself regarding lactating exploitation.

He loved to recycle so much that he removed his rubbish from the recycle bin only to return it a few days later.

Veronica brightened up our lives with his colourful ponchos and interesting aromas.

Alas, he is no longer with us. He succumbed to his brittle bones and we eventually couldn’t see him for dust.

The funeral was a quiet affair using a cardboard box (Not from Amazon) and some whale music. The whale had requested that it’s song be played. Refreshments were puddle water served with the excess dirt from his final resting place.

‘Veronica The Vegan’ R.I.P (Recycled In Packaging)

Anyway…The submissions are still flowing in and we have quite a few gems for you coming up. It’s encouraging that we are still attracting new writers and our Old Faithfuls are always there…So the site is as healthy as it has ever been.

Now over to this weeks stories. We had three new writers and two well established authors and friends of the site.

Our topics over the last five days include; Siblings, a chance meeting, harassment, infatuation and a season.

As always our initial comments follow.


We began the week on Monday. There has been no dramatic change regarding that.

Roger Teichman was a new author and we welcome him.

Apotheosis‘ was first up.

‘The panic and encroaching fire was done very well.’

‘I thought that the characters were very visible.’

‘Weird, enjoyable with a satisfying ending.’


A very skilful story teller is Dave Henson. He was next with ‘Ronda 12‘ which was published on Tuesday.

‘This was very well done and says a lot about unwanted attention.’

‘Clever and interesting stuff.’

‘A super mix-match of some interesting ideas.’


On Wednesday, we had another stalwart showcased once again.

James Hanna broke the back of the week with ‘The Dress.’

‘The encounter was intriguingly odd.’

‘Obscure but it kept my attention.’

‘I was mesmerised with this.’


Caden Stockwell was our next newbie. We hope that all our débutantes have fun on the site.

The Boy And The Lake‘ was published on Thursday.

‘Different set-up, change in tone and split segments…And they all worked!!’

‘Quite a bit of atmosphere in this.’

‘Different can be problematic or interesting – I found this interesting.’


And we finished off our first week back with Alexander James’s first story.

We hope that all our new writers have a long association with us and continue to send us in their work.

In The Dying Light‘ was published on Friday.

‘Beautifully lyrical.’

‘I enjoyed the fable approach.’

‘There are some excellent descriptive touches throughout.’


That’s us back to normal now folks, so keep sending, keep commenting and keep thinking about sending us a spiel for the Sunday Re-Run. Come on, don’t be shy! Just tell us what you like about an older story and we will publish your spiel.

And if you buy some recycled toilet paper, let the name Veronica The Vegan into your thoughts.

But don’t be a bastard and think on him when using it!



Great to see you back in full flow Hugh, and wasn’t it a lovely send off for Veronica? DD

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6 thoughts on “Week 206 – Returning, Shitty Tinsel And A Lactating Dilema”

  1. A Vivian Vegan came round looking for work. I sent him your way. He looks a lot like an orca excrement junkie and favors the New Age music bleated out by John Tesh. Can’t miss him. Hope he works out.


    1. Thanks Leila,
      Sadly he died as well. It must be something not in their diet!
      I have it on good authority that they will be happy as they are being eaten by vegetarian worms.

      Thanks as always!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh and Diane,
    It was touching that you took a picture of his coffin.
    It made me cry to think that the image is actual width.


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