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Week 193 – A Mad-Shagger, The Legend Sam Torrance And Hoping For Lubrication.

Hello there folks, here we are at Week 193.

I am glad to report that the site has never been healthier. We are getting a very steady stream of stories and it is a pleasure reading them all.


…Let’s just say that some of our rejection letters could apply to a few of them! (See Post on 2nd September – Rejection Letters That We Wanted To Send if you haven’t already done so.)

Just as I’m typing this I can hear on the news that Tiger Woods has just won his first tournament in five years. Good on him.

It’s great that he has come back from his back injury, but no offence, if he hadn’t been such a Mad-Shagger, he would probably have been fine.

He was and still is one of the best and his inclusion in The Ryder Cup can only be good.

I can actually remember watching this tournament as a boy when it hardly got any coverage at all. At that time we got humped by America all the time. But to be fair when you think on the amount of players they had to chose from, no wonder we got our arses handed to us. In those days it was only Britain and Ireland who competed, Europe wasn’t included.

Then we had the glory years with Sam Torrance and the likes. The reason I mention big Sam is that he is a Scottish legend. And not because of his winning putt in 1985, oh no! If you type his name into the internet, there is a heading that says ‘Sam Torrance wife’ and the reason is, and also the reason that he is a legend is, his above weight punching in the marital status. Suzanne Danielle was a stunning lady. (Terrible actress mind you!)

I would love to say that I will be watching the golf, but due to me only having ‘Cooncil TV’ and not the world dominating bunch of bastard Sky fucks, it will sadly pass me by. In saying that, my despair that is my work also has a hand in this as I am sure I am on shift Saturday and Sunday so no pub, no beer and no moaning about Sky as I get another round in. Work and Sky really do get in the way of my happiness!!

Yep, I could do one of my legendary terrible links here but I won’t.

So onto this weeks stories.

We had two new authors, a returning author and two master story tellers.

Our subjects this week include; personal jewelry, a magical but broken marriage, multiple characters, reminiscing and afterlife comeuppance.

As always, our initial comments follow.


On Monday we had a new writer to the site. I would like to add that Patrick Butler has been a total gentleman to work with. We welcome him.

West 86th Street Time Machine‘ began our week.

‘The writing was very good and I became rather fond of the old boy.’

‘Patrick held the story together really well.’

‘This in no way played to the dementia card. Refreshing and quirky.’


On Tuesday Kilmeny MacMichael had her second story published. Hopefully we will see more from her very soon.

Apartmeet‘ was next up.

‘I am a sucker for a good fable and this is how this read.’

‘The ghost birds trapped in the cages were a great analogy for her trapped in the marriage.’

‘I found the style quite hypnotic.’


The wonderful story teller, Dave Henson broke the back of the week.

Bone Girl And The Snake‘ was next up.

‘Creepy, nasty and beautifully dark.’

‘I would love to have known about their back story.’

‘This was definitely character driven.’


On Thursday we have the legend that is Tom Sheehan. It is getting close to us needing a calculator to tote up Toms Tales!

His latest offering for us was ‘Dark Return.’

‘Just lovely. Tom at his best.’

‘The line about him forgetting his comrades was very powerful.’

‘I think he did the looking back with a different perspective very well.’


And to finish us off we had another newster. Amber Aspinall, had her first story ‘A Killer Mistake‘ published on Friday.

To both Amber and Patrick, we hope they have a long association with us and continue to send us their stories.

‘Great tone with an unforeseen twist.’

‘This story stays with you.’

‘I hope she takes her revenge.’


Well folks, that’s us for another week.

I wish America all the worst for The Ryder Cup. (I’ve just insulted all those fine people)

It is the only time that I will shout for an Englishman. (That’s Diane not talking to me.)

If Europe lose, they are useless and deserve us leaving them as the ‘B’ word looms. (Insult and a moot point as they won’t care.)

And just to show that I am not racist in any way, the rest of the world can fuck off too!

My only hope is to be abducted by aliens. I wouldn’t mind but I’m not sure about the probing, it might nip.

As I said, I am working and don’t have Sky so I am in a bit of a strop!

I’m going to find a wee old bloke with no arms to have a fight with.

I bet the wee bastard has his own teeth and bites me sore.



Just a reminder that we have our new feature coming up on Sunday.

We already have a couple of suggestions with introductions and critiques from two of our author / readers and you will be seeing these in the coming weeks. So why not get involved. Have a look back and give life to an old story. Your spiel will be as you send it with no interference from us. Oh and I can assure you, you will make the authors day!!


Banner Image: Hugh’s mate!

4 thoughts on “Week 193 – A Mad-Shagger, The Legend Sam Torrance And Hoping For Lubrication.”

  1. I do not understand why insanely attractive and wealthy athletes and performers insist on getting married young. That seldom works out, and usually ends up with somebody posting a sex tape online. It also seems that it is possible for a person to make a comeback and win the public’s teary-eyed devotion simply because that person has emerged from a period of self-constructed suckingness and has resumed something a bit better than mediocrity. Yes, Tiger, I am jealous of you. Tiger’s return from the woods (sorry) withstanding, word around the local golf camp fire has Europe clubbing my nation senseless as though it were a baby harp seal. Reading back, yet poised to hit the publish icon anyway, it seems to me that the pill I took to relieve the pain of a recently fractured toe has kicked in. I see the door opening wide for me to make a comeback through it.
    Good post.
    Great stories this week.


    1. Hi Leila,
      I don’t believe in marriage and would never have done so, neither would Gwen. But (Here’s some weird logic for you!) her mum passed away when she was eighteen and because she hadn’t been able to explain to her mum that we didn’t believe in it, she wanted to do it for Irene.
      I think I understand!
      Thanks as always!!
      Speak soon and look after the tootsie!


  2. As one of the “newbies” (West 86th Street Time Machine) presented this week I’d like to thank Hugh and Diane but also to say that having a story accepted by Literally Stories is like being welcomed into a warm and supportive family of fellow writers.


    1. You are more than welcome Patrick!
      Sorry it has taken so long to answer but I normally catch up every couple of weeks.
      Hope you have more for us to have a look at!
      All the very best my friend.


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